WoW Classic Best Professions to Make Gold

So, you’re interested in the WoW Classic best professions to make gold? Without a doubt, gold in WoW makes things go round and round. First of all, you’ll need some coins to pay for the multiple trainers you’ll find across your journey. If you’re poor, you probably will learn less than the average joe. Secondly, all the traveling tools you’ll have to use between maps require a fee, and you even need to buy your mount (check out our WoW Classic Mounts guide while you’re at it).

As a result, you need to have some gold in your pockets, or you’ll spend your whole journey on foot. Furthermore, you need to have gold if you want to use the Auction House. There’s no direct trading between goods in that area, and you’ll need that currency to make the exchange.

Earning this significant in-game currency requires a lot of effort on your part. Indeed, there’s no WoW Classic Token (at least for now) that can gift you coins quickly. Hence, you’ll need to “farm” coins out the traditional way. The easiest way to earn a couple of Copper or Silver coins is to complete quests and sell useless loot. Still though, this is often not enough. Those who are interested in buying gold but cannot due to the lack of a Token system in Classic also sometimes look to online marketplaces to buy WoW Classic gold.

Thankfully, with this WoW Classic Best Professions guide, you can earn a lot of currency as you progress with your journey. With the resources that you can gather, you have the opportunity to exchange your hard work for a couple of coins. Moreover, the more you dedicate to your Professions, the more Gold you can gather through the Auction House.

In this article, you’ll find the best choices to increase your income and gather Gold as quickly as possible.

WoW Classic Best Professions to Make Gold

Before you begin your adventure into the economics of Classic WoW, you need to learn some of the Professions’ traditional knowledge. Before you pick any option in this endeavor, you need to reach level five with your character.

Afterward, head into any major city and ask any guard for directions. When you find the trainer NPC (Non-Playable Character), it will ask for a couple of Copper coins for the initial training.

Later on, you’ll need to focus on increasing the experience of your Professions. To earn levels, WoW currently has an easy way to let you know what to do. If the task you want to complete is “Orange,” then you’ll surely get another point. At the moment, you can reach level 300 with any Profession.

When you have enough materials, you can head into the Auction House and place them for sale. Depending on the demand, you will earn some Coins in a matter of hours/days. Lastly, you’ll need to retrieve your Gold and use them at your pleasure.

  • Best Choices: The best (and easiest) way to earn Gold is by learning the Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning Professions. The main goal for all of these options is to gather materials from different sources. Through mining, you can obtain ores between caves and mountains. With Herbalism, you pick plants from multiple parts of the map. Finally, with Skinning, you receive pelts and scales from defeated monsters.
    Even though these Professions are ideal for in-game currency gathering, they have less impact on your Character. Therefore, you won’t get any additional features and buffs. Still, though, it’s not difficult to increase their level and buy their upgrades.
  • Average Choices: From now on, you’ll find those options that still give a lot of income but require a lot of work. This time around, you could pick between Alchemy, Tailoring, and Enchanting. Between these choices, Alchemy is the favorite, but it comes with a higher cost. To earn levels in this Profession, you’ll need to prepare potions that can heal you or give you a couple of buffs.
    In Tailoring, you can turn materials into new clothes and bags. Therefore, you could reach the point of making huge bags and sell them to other players. Lastly, Enchanting gives you a more “personal” approach. Through communication, you can “sell” your services to other players in exchange for some powerful incantations to their equipment.
  • Underline Choices: You should probably think twice before picking any of these WoW Classic Professions, especially if you want to make gold. Even though they have a lot of strength by themselves, you may find it hard to earn some Gold from the Auction House or any other means. First of all, you have Engineering, a great option by itself, but remember that some items require that you have the Profession. As a result, the other players that have different options wouldn’t find the goods useful.  Secondly, Professions like Blacksmithing and Leatherworking only cover certain types of armor.
    Similarly to Engineering, the “entire” server population wouldn’t find them appealing. Remember that you’ll need to invest a lot if you want to reach level 300. Most noteworthy, you may not get back your Gold with these choices. 

Basic Recommendations to Make Gold Through WoW Classic Professions

Here you have some advice that can give you advantages if you want to follow the WoW Classic Best Profession technique to increase your Gold income. Moreover, you’re free to use them in your account.

  • Use Different Characters: If you want to follow the “best choice” to earn Gold from these Professions, you may want to have more than one Character. As a result, you could have many materials in your inventory and even spend them with your principal hero. Hence, you’ll increase those Professions that enhance your champion.
  • High Population Servers: Look for those servers that have a lot of active players inside. Therefore, you can sell your items quickly through the Auction House. Furthermore, it is recommendable that you search for those options that have more players from the same faction.

Frequently Asked Questions about WoW Classic Best Professions to Make Gold

How many Professions Can I have with One Character?

You can choose between two Professions per Hero.

How Can I See the Population Characteristics in One Server?

You can aid your search with tools from around the Internet that have this kind of information—type “WoW Classic Server Population” in your favorite search engine.

Will the Secondary Professions Assist Me in Gathering Gold?

Yes, but not in the same proportions. Remember that you have the option to learn all of them, and everyone has access to their features.

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