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We have already described all details about this new World of Warcraft feature in our World of Warcraft Shadowlands Torghast Guide. In this post, you will learn about Torghast objectives. What they are, where and how to find them and how to succeed in their completion.

In addition, to killing monsters you can get some extra rewards, such as Phantasma by completing side objectives. Such as quests, puzzles, killing Rare Elites, and looting chests etc.

Also, you will see a lot of other objectives that will increase your powers. For example, you can free Tormented souls to get Soul’s Blessing buff that increases your primary stat by 1%. But not only souls are waiting to be released, find covenant members and complete their encounters to get extra rewards such as Anima Cell.

Torghast Objectives List

Below you can see the list of all available side objectives in Torghast, Tower of the Damned in Shadowlands.

Ashen Phylacteries

IF you see such jars during your run in Torghast remember that you can destroy them with auto attack. As a reward you can find Phantasma and Anima Cells. Phantasma is a special currency that you will use only in Torghast. Anima cells are used to find unlock anima powers. You can read more about anima powers in our guide.

Tormented Souls

Tormented Souls

Free tormented spirits in Torghast to receive a buff called Soul’s Blessing that increases your Primary Stat by 1% per stack and persists through death. That means that the buff will remain even if you die, but only in Torghast. There are three types of Tormented Souls: Partially-Infused SoulsTormented Souls, and Boiling Souls.

Bonus Objectives

Covenant members in Torghast

Sometimes you will hear an announcement from Runecarver that you are approaching a member of your Covenant trapped somewhere in this floor. Search for it and set him free. There are several encounters that you will need to complete such as defeating an enemy, finding a lost companion, or item. If you succeed you’ll receive an Anima Cell.

Rare Elites

Rare Elites

Another way to get some extra Anime Cells is to kill rare elite packs of monsters. They spawn randomly so clear the whole floor to find them. Note that there are floors where you won’t find them at all.

Rune-Locked Vaults

Rune-Locked Vaults

Sometimes you will find locked chests. These chests contain Anima Cells and if you want to get it you need to find the way to open it. Well, that’s an easy task, just click on skull until you find four same runes and the seal will broke.

Lever Locked Chests

Lever Locked Chests

This chest also had Anima Cells in it, but the job here is to find the right combination of levers. Try to activate them in different combinations to open the chest.

In addition to Rune-Locked Vaults and Lever Locked Chests, you will find different locked chests that can be opened by the key, which is hidden somewhere on the floor. Or you may need to find a secret lever to unlock the other chest.

The variety of Torghast objectives is great. Moreover, all of them spawn randomly and that means that every new run in Tirghast will differ from the previous one.

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