What Does the Near Future Hold for Genshin Impact?

It’s nearing a month since the release of Genshin Impact. The game started with a bang, with its open world teeming with life and interesting characters to collect. Now, however, many in the gaming world are left wondering if it will continue on its hot streak or if it will fizzle out like so many past flashes in the pan releases? What does the future hold for Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Has Done Well so Far, But is It Perfect?

Genshin Impact is by no means perfect. It does have great graphics, gameplay, and characters that make the world feel alive. However, a deeper look reveals some problematic things.

One of which is the finite amount of content there is. miHoYo plans to release big content updates every five weeks. If you’re a fast player, you can blaze through the new content in less time and you’re stuck with nothing to do again. Some players have reached AR 30 within a week of release. That’s basically the current endgame, and these players have found themselves stuck with almost nothing to do.

Of course, that plan is feasible for the majority of casual and mobile players, yet it alienates the more hardcore players of the game.

Why is Resin Frustrating Genshin Impact Players?

Resin is the ‘energy’ counterpart of Genshin Impact. You use it to get rewards from Elite Bosses, Domains, and Ley Lines. Some of these activities are also ones you can do co-op, which limits what you can do with friends. The mechanic isn’t a bad one, really. However, miHoYo did two things that made it a problem.

One, they set the Resin cap to 120. It’s a respectable amount, but let’s look at the activities that need Resin. Also, see how many times you can do those with the current capacity.

  • Ley Lines: 20 Resin (6 times)
  • Domains (Ascension Materials, Artifacts, Talent Level-Up Materials): 20 Resin (6 times)
  • Elite Bosses: 40 Resin (3 times)

The following activities reset weekly, so you can only grab the rewards once until the reset. Yes, that includes even doing it co-op on a friend’s world, which is possible for the Wolf Challenge.

  • Stormterror’s Domain: 40 Resin
  • Wolf of the North: 60 Resin

So you can do any combination of the activities, but doing the weekly ones on the same day leaves you with enough Resin for a single Ley Line or Domain. If you need the Ascension materials from the Elites, you’re out of luck. For all you can do with Resin, the cap is just too small for all the farming you want to do.

The second part is how slow it replenishes. You regain 1 Resin every 8 minutes. Refilling your resin from zero to cap through this method will take 16 hours. You can use up some of your resin in the morning, and some of it will be replenished in the afternoon. This way, you can use about a total of 180 resin (or more, if timed right) every day.

Sure, there are also Fragile Resins that refill your Resin by half, but that item will become scarce later. You want to save them up to farm better artifacts later. There’s another way to replenish them: using Primogems. Nobody recommends you do that, though, as the cost to do so goes up every time you use it.

What Genshin Impact Updates Do We Know About?

That said, there are still many exciting things on the way for Genshin Impact. November 11’s update is proving to be a massive one. New events, new characters, and several quality of life improvements. Among those included in the leak are:

  • A reputation system mechanic
  • Lock artifacts and weapons to avoid trashing them accidentally
  • A new item that gathers excess EXP so it can be used
  • Store your Daily Resin as Condensed Resin to be used later
  • Use up to 40 Resin on Domains to get double the rewards
  • Regional Talismans and Compasses that point you to elemental Oculi and chests you haven’t found yet
  • A Food Bag you can use to hotkey 2 food items
  • A portable cooking pot
  • A portable teleporter
  • And more!

The new characters included in this update are:

  • Zhongli, a 5-star Geo Polearm user
  • Childe, a 5-star Hydro Bow user
  • Xiao, a 5-star Anemo Polearm user
  • Xinyan, a 4-star Pyro Claymore user
  • Diona, a 4-star Cryo Bow user

All the leaks can only say the title of a major event, The Unreturned Star. Although it can be translated in other ways, this is the one the majority agrees on. Other than it probably has three arcs, not much is known about it. There are some other minor in-game events (might be similar to the random event quests), such as a Food Delivery one, Glider Races, and even a Referral Event.

There are more regions to explore, and more characters and events to enjoy in the later updates as well.

Will the Future Continue to be Bright for Genshin Impact?

With the right actions, it will! Now, updates, new regions, and new characters are well and good to keep player interest. However, if they don’t fix the current problems, players will still quit in droves. Adding more possible co-op activities might even be more effective than any other new feature they can think to add. Playing with friends brings a refreshing breeze to the game, except that you can’t do much with your friends.

Genshin Impact is a fun game you can still enjoy even with all its problems. Okay, for some, those are deal-breakers, but it all depends on your point of view and why you want to play the game. Some wait for the story quests, others want to explore the world, and others still just want to collect all the characters. Of course, it can always still be better, and we do want it better. That’s possible with proper planning and good feedback from the community.

Let’s look forward to the future of Genshin Impact!

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