Underground Pass OSRS Quest Guide

Serving as the third quest of the Elf series, the Underground Pass OSRS quest takes you on a long journey through the dungeon found near Ardougne. Your mission will be to head through the area as ordered by King Lathias, in his attempt to take down Tyras, his corrupted brother.

In this OSRS Quests guide, we will outline the following:

  • Underground Pass OSRS Quest Requirements
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Rewards

Before we start the quest, we will need to know what items, skills and more are required to complete the Underground Pass.

Underground Pass OSRS Quest Requirements

Firstly, you will need to have finished the Biohazard and Plague City quests, and have your Ranged skill up to at least 25. As for your items, its recommended that you take two ropes, as you will need at least one. You will also need a bow, with five non-poisoned arrows with metal arrow tips, and a spade.

There are items that you will need that can be obtained during the quest as well. These include a plank, a bucket, and a tinderbox. There will also some enemies to deal with, so make sure you have combat equipment on you, with either Protect from Melee or some defensive armour with you too.

Underground Pass OSRS Quest Guide

Ultimately, you are going to be making sure that your Agility skill is up to speed so to speak, since this means you will be able to complete certain objectives as they follow on from each other. You will notice that if you fail certain segments then you will be sent back to the start of the respective area, which is something you will obviously want to avoid. Some of these segments will be made harder if you have a high equipment load, so you will want to try and travel light wherever possible.

Starting Off the OSRS Underground Pass Quest

To get the quest started, head over to King Lathas on the first floor of Ardougne Castle. You will be informed of the Underground Pass in OSRS, and how it is guarded by former Kinshra knight Iban, who has convinced himself that he’s Zamorak’s son. You will also be instructed to speak with Koftik outside the entrance of your destination.

Now, you can head through the gates at West Ardougne, so do so and head through the city to the west, then you’ll hit the entrance to the cave. Speak to Koftik here, who will tell you more about the pass, before telling you to meet him at the bridge when you get in.

Reaching the Bridge

Once you are inside, you will notice that there are three paths going in different directions. Take the path to the north, and avoid the path in the middle unless you want to swamp to pull you down. When taking the path to the north, you will see a set of rocks that you need to climb over. Speak to Koftik once you have done this, and he will give you an oily cloth and states that it looks like there has been someone in the cave already.

Keep going north and you will hit a small area with a river, and by looking across it you will notice that there is a guide rope that is holding the bridge up. Use a lit arrow to fire at the rope, which will cause it to drop and allow you to walk across. Ignore the lever here, and pick up the plank to the north.

Crossing the Pit

Head to the south of where you found the blank, avoiding the blessed spiders and go to the east. You will notice there’s a pit with water and a rope swing. Use your rope here on the hanging rock above the pit to get across. If you fall, you will need another rope to try again, and will have to navigate your way back to the start.

Traversing the Grid

Keep going down the eastern path, before going south. You will then see Koftik standing in front of a grid made up of a number of tiles. The majority of said tiles will cause damage to you, though it only deals 15 damage at a time. You just need to try and find the right path to use to get across, which might take you a few turns. Once you get to the other side, pull the level to open the gate to get through. If you happen to succumb to the grid, then your items will be left here and you will have to intentionally fall in to retrieve them later.

To the Well

Head north and you will come across a furnace. You don’t need it yet, but make a note of where it is. Go west and you will find a narrow corridor, be careful here as there are traps in the wall. You can either disarm them or just heal up and run through, hoping that you don’t take too much damage. Once you are on the other side, you will find a strange looking well, and an altar. In here, there are four different paths for you to take, so head north first.

Use your plank that you found before on the flat rock, which will disarm the traps. Head past the traps and go to the end of the tunnel to get the Orb of Light. Next, head to the north-west and go past the spiders and ogres to grab the orb and head back. This time, run through the middle path, traversing the traps as you did with the other path. When you get to the last path to the south-west, you will need to disarm a trap before picking up the orb.

Now with all four orbs in your possession, go back to the furnace we passed earlier. Destroy the orbs by then placing them in the furnace. If you need to, top off your Prayer at the altar then go down the well.

Navigating the Maze

Going down the well will take you down to another level, and you can find some food in the crates nearby here. Start making your way through the cave and you will notice an area with cages in it. Go to the first cage on the left and pick the lock. At the back of the cage, you may notice the ground looks a little off here, as it leads to a hidden tunnel when you use your spade on it. Carefully make your way across the narrow ledge to reach a maze.

To get across this maze made up of beams, go right first, then left twice. Alternatively, you can bypass the maze if you have 50 Thieving, by picking the lock of a door to the south side. Once you’ve made your way through, go south and go through the pipe entrance.

The Boulder and the Unicorn

Once you’ve reached the next room, you will see a caged unicorn. Your objective is to get its horn, but you won’t be able to obtain it here. Go into the cage and take the piece of railing then head back up the path above to find a boulder. Use your piece of railing you just found to get it loose so it crushes the unicorn. Go down again and pick up the horn, then head through the northern tunnel.

The Paladins Camp

Keep going north through the cave and you will eventually come across a group of Paladins. Sir Carl, Sir Harry, and Sir Jerro are all level 62, and will offer you food and potions when speaking to them. Sadly, you are going to need to attack them to get the Paladin’s Badges that you need from them. Just make sure you have already spoken to them before attacking so you get the items. If you want an easy tactic of killing them, simply attack them then run south to where they won’t follow.

You should have three badges from them once completed, so head west and look out for traps. Further west is another well, so use the unicorn horn and the three crests to open the doors so you can progress.

Meeting the Dwarves

Koftik will appear in the cave before you, before promptly disappearing after a short rant, whilst also letting you know that there are some dwarves located to the south. Make a note of where the walkways are here then go along the eastern wall. Then, head west until you get to a cave. Go to the bottom of the cave and you will find three dwarves nearby, known as Niloof, Kamen and Klank. Speak to Niloof toget some food, whilst Kamen will also offer you and endless supply of food if you speak to him. There is also a tinderbox in the eastern building if you don’t have one on you already.

Niloof will tell you of a witch who is capable of killing Iban, whilst Klank will give you his gauntlets and ask you about the Soulless. Finally, speak to Kamen, who will offer you some of his brew to give your HP a small boost, though it will decrease your Agility.

Kardia the Witch

Head up the staircase and go to the north-east, where you will notice a house. Go to the north then turn onto a path to walk along. Head south from here to get to Kardia’s house. You will hear her talking to herself when you get to the door, speaking about her missing cat. Go to the north and take the path to the west. Jump the gap then take the north path until you get to a cat. Pick it up then go back to the witch’s house.

Use the cat on the door and you will hide around the corner as the witch answers to collect the cat. As she does so, open the door and search the chest inside. You will receive two potions as well as the history of Iban, and a doll of Iban.

The Four Elements of Iban

You now need to use the doll to get the four elements of Iban to imbue it. Firstly, we will be getting Iban’s Shadow, which will require you killing level 91 demons Doomion, Holthion, and Othainian. Go north from Kardia’s house then go to west, before going left down to where the demons are located.  Kill them to get their respective amulets. If you want to kill them from a safespot, then you can do so from the narrow pathways located nearby.

Iban’s Shadow

After they’re dead, go north of Doomion was to find a chest. Open it to destroy the amulets and get Iban’s Shadow which will become part of the doll.

Iban’s Body

After this, we need to get Iban’s body, so go back downstairs and talk to Klank if you didn’t before to get the gauntlets. From here you need to go to the smaller of the buildings and use the bucket on the barrel once you are in there to get dwarf brew. Take it to the south-east of Iban’s tomb area and pour it on top of the tomb. User your tinderbox then to light it, which will make it burn and create a pile of Iban’s Ashes that will appear in your inventory, which will again be used automatically on the doll.

Iban’s Blood

Next up is Iban’s blood, so go north from the tomb until you hit a corridor inhabited by blesse spiders. You will come across Kalrag, a level 89 spider who you will need to kill. After he’s been dispatched, you will soak up the blood for your doll. Just make sure that you are aware of the other spiders that surround you, who can be distracting when trying to fight Kalrag.

Iban’s Dove

Lastly, we need Iban’s dove. To find this, go to the north-west to find a small passage, and head up the stairs. You will find a number of cages with half-soulless inside, so go south and use your agility jump to progress. You will then need to take the path to the north to find a cage. From there go left and equip Klank’s gauntlets, then search the cage to find Iban’s dove.

Finding Iban and Completing the OSRS Underground Pass Quest

Now that you have all the relevant parts, its time to go and kill Iban. Go back to Iban’s temple in the central area, where you will kill a disciple of Iban. Take his Zamorak monk robes, then equip them before heading into the temple wearing the upper and lower Zamorak robes.

Iban will begin his attack with red spikes near the entrance, which are unblockable with prayers. Head to the well to use the doll on it. You may get attacked a few times here, which will interrupt your progress, so be careful. Another method is to wait out his attacks before walking to his lair, and after the seventh attack you can simply walk up to the well and use the doll.

After using the doll, Iban will be destroyed and the temple will begin to fall down. You will get Iban’s Staff then be teleport to a cavern where you will find Koftik. Speak to him and you will be teleported to the entrance, after which you can head back to Ardougne and let King Lathas know you have finished the quest.

Rewards for Completing Underground Pass in OSRS

For completing the Underground Pass OSRS quest, you will receive five Quest Points. As well as Iban’s Staff which you get to keep, which has the Iban Blast spell attached to it, you will also gain 3,000 Agility and Attack experience.

Congratulations, you have now completed the Underground Pass OSRS quest, and you’re ready to continue the questline even further.

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