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The UK’s government has launched its call for evidence on whether or not video game loot boxes are a form of gambling.

Both positive and negative evidence is requested to better help the government understand the impact of the in-game purchase option.

The call for evidence is now live and will run until November 22nd.

For further information and a submission visit the government’s website.

The call for evidence was first announced back in June, and follows The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s (DCMS) investigation into loot boxes, and whether or not they can lead to gambling addiction in children.

The DCMS first suggested that the UK parliament regulate loot boxes as a form of gambling in 2019.

Moreover, the ongoing coronavirus has forced people to remain indoors, and they have consequently turned to games as a means to pass the time.

Is it gambling?

“Our valued video game industry is making good progress developing safer environments for our children to play in, such as parental controls that can be set to schedule and limit playtime,” said digital and culture minister Caroline Dineage.

“But we’ve listened to parents’ concerns about loot boxes, and it’s right that we fully examine and understand any evidence of the harm or links to problem gambling they can cause, so we can decide if action is needed.”

While the UK gathers evidence before reaching a decision, other countries, namely Belgium, have already deemed the in-game purchase option to be a form of gambling.

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