Theater Mechanicus — The best characters to use

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Genshin Impact’s Theater Mechanicus mini-game lets you use all the characters in your roster. In most cases, they won’t be able to deal damage directly. However, they do become invaluable when triggering elemental reactions from certain towers. Here’s our guide to help you with the best characters to use in Theater Mechanicus.

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Genshin Impact: The best characters to use in the Theater Mechanicus mini-game

Firstly, I would suggest reading our Theater Mechanicus main guide as well as our tower upgrades guide. These should give you an idea as to how the mini-game works and how towers affect the flow of battle.

Secondly, it bears mentioning that the Theater Mechanicus’ stages and difficulty levels are introduced at intervals. At the moment, enemies are still fairly easy to defeat. As such, this guide is based on the “Guests Flock From Afar” Festive Fever stage at difficulty 5 and below.

Note 1: Since your burst/ultimate can’t be used in the Theater Mechanicus, characters that can apply elemental effects via their charged attacks or elemental skills tend to do better compared to those who cannot. Additional consideration is also given to characters who are able to crowd-control (CC) effectively, including those who present some “cheesy” alternatives.

Note 2: Likewise, I suggest playing co-op. You and your teammate can choose your two ideal characters. This even works in your favor since two Travelers can be used if one player has Aether and the other has Lumine.

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