The Best Warframe Primary Weapons That You Should Be Using Now

Warframe has a wide variety of weapons for you to choose from in each category – Primary, Secondary, and Melee. Players generally spend most of their time in missions using their Primary weapon, since Warframe has so many great ones, each with their own unique shooting mechanisms and strengths. One important thing to note about Warframe is that your weapon is only as good as your Mods. A weapon becomes strong when you Mod it right.

It is extremely important to obtain and level up the right Mods in order for a weapon to be even usable. Understanding how Mods work and having an idea of how you want a weapon to be and where its strengths lie is key. Some weapons are crit-based and some are status-based; similarly, there are certain mods that are a must for the respective weapon category. Some weapons will even require multiple Forma as you progress through the star-chart. In this guide, we’ll take you through the best Primary Weapons you can obtain as you progress through Warframe.

Best Warframe Primary Weapons for Beginners

Boltor and Hek are hands down the best weapons for newer Warframe players. Boltor is an automatic rifle while Hek is a shotgun, and both weapons are pretty easy to obtain and have a low Mastery Rank requirement. The bolt-shooting rifle, Boltor, requires you to be Mastery Rank 2, and will be one of the first weapons you can obtain. It shoots bolts and pins enemies to the walls, which will be for most players one of the first introductions to the unique shooting styles weapons have in Warframe. Make sure you obtain Serration and Split Chamber – they are Mods you will always require for any assault rifle you use.

Hek is a Grineer shotgun, and one of those few beginner guns that you can use until the end of the star-chart. While the Boltor falls off as your progress through the planets, Hek remains to be a fantastic Primary weapon. It shoots with a tight spread, has a decent fire rate, requires you to be Mastery Rank 4 in order to obtain it. The weapon hits hard and is pretty satisfying to get kills with. It also has a 200% multishot Augment Mod that you can obtain via trading.

Other options below Mastery Rank 8

Karak, Braton, and Paris are two other Primary weapons that you can use early on in the game. Karak is a Grineer rifle with a Mastery Rank 1 requirement, that deals high damage with great accuracy. Braton is an assault rifle that will be one of your first weapons in the game. It is pretty balanced, feels like a submachine gun, and will be useful in the initial part of the starchart. Paris is a Silent bow that deals high Puncture damage and has a Mastery Rank 3 requirement. Like the Boltor, it also pins enemies to walls and will affect multiple enemies in its path. You can also use the crossbow Dread if you prefer it over Paris.

As a newer player, while you are using these weapons, it is important to keep levelling up your Mastery Rank. Along with allowing you to access more weapons, it will also come with a number of other benefits such as extra Void Trace capacity.

The mid-game flamethrower trend

Some of Warframe’s best weapons can be accessed after Mastery Rank 8. A large number of Warframe players acquire one of the flamethrower weapons around Mastery Rank 9 and never really let go.

Ignis and Ignis Wraith are the two flamethrowers that are so satisfying to use, as they set enemies on fire and deal massive amounts of damage when you point them at crowds. They have a good crit chance and a high status chance, and it feels great to set a bunch of enemies on fire and see the damage numbers keep ticking.

You can easily acquire the Ignis Wraith (Mastery Rank 9) via trade. Most clans will have them for you, so you can simply ask you clanmates for one. If you don’t have a clan yet – and you should get one as soon as possible – you can get it at a cheap price in public trades. Both of these weapons will be great throughout the starchart if you Mod them right.

Best Prime and Meta Primary Weapons Past Mastery Rank 7 in Warframe

Braton Prime is one of the first Prime weapons that you can obtain in Warframe. It’s a great assault rifle unlocked at Mastery Rank 8, and is the Prime version of the aforementioned Braton. At Mastery Rank 8, you can also acquire the Stradavar – with its dynamic fire-rate mechanism- and the insanely powerful Acceltra.

Acceltra is a “rapid-fire micro-missile launcher” that was released with the Gauss update and it is one of the best weapons in Warframe right now. A lot of players main Acceltra, and it is worth noting that it is one of the weapons that pairs well with its signature Warframe (Gauss, in this case). Note that this weapon isn’t the easiest to obtain, and I am one of the players who exchanged it for Platinum rather than doing the mission.

Powerful Weapons beyond Mastery Rank 10

As you go beyond Mastery Rank 10, you unlock some of the best and most interesting weapons in Warframe. Arca Plasmor – a plasma shotgun, and Amprex – a rifle that shoots beams of electric arcs are both great weapons for single-target and crowd control.

Rubico Prime is one of the kings of single-target DPS and will be available at Mastery Rank 12. It is one of the best weapons to use against the strongest enemies such as Eidolons, and can be obtained via Relics or by trading.

Other popular weapons that have a high MR requirement are Tigris Prime (a ridiculously hard-hitting shotgun – MR 13), Corinth Prime (a versatile shotgun – MR 14), and Tiberon Prime (a select-fire rifle – MR 14).

Endnote on the Best Warframe Primary Weapons

One thing Warframe gets really gets right is how easy it is to obtain a variety of powerful weapons at any stage of the game. The weapons are really fun to use, especially the more unique ones such as Ignis Wraith or Arca Plasmor. We hope our Warframe Primary Weapons guide helped you understand the best weapons you can obtain.

Find a weapon that you enjoy using and Mod it properly – and if you find a Riven for your favorite weapon, it will only be the cherry on top of the cake.

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