State of Survival – Gift Redemption Codes List – How To Redeem (September 2020)

State of Survival is one of the biggest strategy mobile games currently on the market.

Most strategy mobile games, including State of Survival, have a gift redemption code system, allowing players to redeem rewards.

All codes are issued by the game developer themselves and often done in relation to the release of new events and contents.

This list contains all the current rewards you can claim in State of Survival and will be updated continuously.

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State of Survival codes

Active Codes

The following codes have been confirmed active as of the 26th of August 2020.

  • awesomesos (2x 1k Biocaps, 2x Epic Search Map, 200x Chief EXP, 10x Rusty Fragments, 300x 1k Metal, 300x 1k Food, 300x 1k Wood, 1x Fire Fury HQ Skin 1 Day) (New accounts)

Confirmed Expired Codes

All of the following codes have previously worked but are now expired.

  • 1442 (300x Biocaps, 1k Food, 1k Wood, 1k Metal, 1k Gas)
  • meilenstein (500x Biocaps, 2x Epic Search Map)

Most games that release codes continue to do so as long as the developers are actively creating new content for the game.

Therefore, you should expect more State of Survival codes to be released as new updates and events are released.

Usually, codes are announced on the game’s social media pages like Facebook and Discord, so keep an eye out on these for more codes.

We’d greatly appreciate it when readers let us know of new codes in the comment section below.

Also, let us know if you find that some of the above-listed codes have now expired.

Readers who provide us with active codes will be credited in the post.

How to redeem gift redemption codes

To redeem gift redemption codes in State of Survival, go to your base and press your profile icon in the top left corner.

Select the settings tap in the bottom menu.

Click ‘Gift Redemption’.

Type in an active gift redemption code and press ‘Redeem’.

The reward you’ve just claimed will be sent to your mailbox.

To collect your reward from the mailbox, go to your base and press ‘Mail’ in the bottom right corner.

Find the mail that contains your gift redemption code rewards and press ‘Collect’.

You now have the rewards the typed in redemption code gives!

Check out the previous paragraph of this guide for active codes.

What are gift redemption codes

Gift redemption codes are special codes users can redeem in State of Survival to claim useful rewards, including biocaps, fragments, and resources.

The developers of State of Survival sometimes issue gift redemption codes in relation to new updates, events, and celebrations.

New codes are usually announced on State of Survival’s social media and discord.

State of Survival has also issued gift redemption codes for special collaborations with content creators.

Do note that new gift redemption codes are not always being issued when new content is added.

How to get more codes

The only way to get more codes in State of Survival is to wait for the developers to issue new codes.

Whenever a new code is issued, they are announced on either social media, advertising campaigns, or from creators creating sponsored content.

Be sure to check out State of Survival’s social media for new codes.

We will, however, also update this post continuously whenever we discover new codes from any of the sources listed above.

Therefore, we recommend coming back here once in a while to check out if there are any new codes for you to claim.

No more redemption chances remaining message

When trying to redeem a code, you might have been met with the message ‘No more redemption chances remaining message’.

If you face this message when trying to redeem a code, it means that it is active, but that it is intended for new players only.

If you’re a new player and you’ve already redeemed a code designed for new players only, you might not be able to claim it either.

All you can do is wait till a new code is issued that you can claim.

That’s all the codes we have for State of Survival.

Have any codes you don’t see listed in this post? Let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll credit you if the code is active.

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