Star Wars: Squadrons for Xbox One Reviews

Plenty of reviews here mad that the game is inclusive, and lets you have freedom of customization. Look, Star Wars and its focus on fighting for freedom hasn’t changed, it should be inclusive and open. If you get mad that a Woman of colour is the Admiral of the imperial fleet, it’s not an issue with the game, you should look in the mirror, and rethink your life.

Keep in mind a few things about this game. 1. It’s designed to feel like Tie Fighter or X-wing, not rogue squadron or modern flight Games.

2. It’s a cheaper game($55 CAD) and a AA title, not a AAA massive budget game

3. It is designed to be multiplayer first

Story: 7/10 it’s a serviceable star wars tale, but largely self contained. While major characters from the new EU pop in and out, you don’t play as characters they are likely to remember. It’s designed as a tutorial for multiplayer, as the functions of piloting in this game are deeper and more complex than modern games typically are.

It serves its purpose, but won’t be anything to write home about

Multiplayer: 9/10

A point off for limited maps, which in a full price AAA game would be unacceptable, but is mostly a low level desire for more due to its price tag.

Level design is fantastic, well themed, and clearly designed to make manoeuvres interesting. A few shots won’t take anyone down, and you will always have the ability to react, and outplay your opponents, even if they get the drop on you.

It’s easy to jump into, but difficult to master. It doesn’t perfectly emulate Tie Fighter or X-wing but it comes close, and is a good point of entry to the genre for new players.

The modes that exist are really all you would want.i know others would like to see more, but the two modes that are here, are exactly what modes you would actually want, and focused well on objectives, not just “kill the enemy”

Graphics 9/10 it’s not 8k, 1000fps, but hey, it gets the job done. The models are clearly derived from high quality ILM models, and the lighting is awesome. Nothing like watching light pour into your tie fighter cockpit from the tiny slit windows in the roof you forget are there, to dance on the control panel. The control panel and first person view are actually functional, and not just eye candy. It’s completely possible to turn off the HUD and play the game in a competent manner.

Gameplay 10/10 it may not have hit the exact feel of X-wing or tie fighter, but it’s close enough to scratch the itch, and feel fresh. It’s tight, but clearly star wars feeling. You won’t see realistic space physics, with flip and burn to slow down, instant turns, etc. Instead you’ll see WW2 style dog fights with a sci-fi skin, just like you see on screen on star wars.

Also, “upgrades” you can unlock are actually sidegrades. You gain something and lose something for everything. They are well balanced, and clearly designed so that what you start with is decidedly competitive, and upgrades are to tweak to how you play, and nothing will be the “meta”

Audio 10/10 it’s a star wars game in the modern era. There is one thing they absolutely nail every time, it’s sound design. Clearly some heavy input from ILM, Skywalker sound, etc. There’s masters at work here.

BONUS: Microtransactions – there are none. Full game right there, from the start.

Overall 8/10

This game set out to do a specific thing. There are some minor glitches and hiccups, as every new game has, but the devs landed exactly where they planned to, and it shows.

It’s not a AAA shooter, but it wasn’t meant to be. I would firmly recommend to anyone who is a star wars fan.

And to the right wing “I’m tired of SJWs in muh things”, *waves hand* “I don’t want your BS” *waves hand again* “you want to go home and rethink your life” Be better

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