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Roblox has teamed up with author Ernest Cline for an event-based around Ready Player Two.

The new book is a sequel to Ready Player One, a worldwide bestseller which was adapted as a film in 2018.

To celebrate the publication of the anticipated sequel, a Ready Player Two-themed treasure hunt will take place within Roblox. The event will take place across seven experiences on the games platform.

“Roblox is the closest thing to the Oasis in real life, and this contest is the closest thing to the treasure hunt in my book,” said Cline.

Are you ready?

Furthermore, players that complete the treasure hunt will receive digital goods specially designed for the Ready Player Two event.

To top it off, as part of the collaboration, Cline and Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki will take part in a virtual Q&A. Ready Player Two’sTwo’s Roblox event will take place on December 10th.

Earlier this year, Roblox teamed up with Singer Ava Max to host a record launch party for her new album.

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