Riot to Launch Middle East VALORANT Servers, Add Arabic Language Support

Riot Games has announced that on Oct. 14 VALORANT will expand to the Middle East with the launch of dedicated servers and Arabic language support for the 5v5 multiplayer tactical first-person shooter. These new servers will be hosted in Bahrain and Arabic language support will become available universally across the world. 

When the servers launch players will also be able to see one of the agents’ gameplay in Arabic and players around the world will receive a special in-game item in commemoration.

VALORANT’s newest map “Icebox,” will be released on Oct. 14, but will be classified as an unranked competition map until Oct. 27. Then on Oct. 27, VALORANT will see its latest hero addition in “Skye.” She is an Australian agent with supernatural powers with the ability to summon animal companions. 

With Riot having already stated that it has plans to make VALORANT more engaging for gamers in the MENA region, the company is “also exploring ways of enhancing the player experience for the North Africa and Levant market.”

Riot is also looking to engage the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region in the global esports roadmap. Sometime in October, Riot is planning to announce the first official regional esports tournament called ”First Strike,” which will be held in November.

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