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Pumpkin Jack
The jack of all trades
Im just gonna start by saying go play this game, stop watching this review and just go buy it.. im that
Pumpkin Jack
The jack of all trades
Im just gonna start by saying go play this game, stop watching this review and just go buy it.. im that confident that you will absolutely love pumpkin jack.
Pumkin jack is a 3d platformer pretty similar to the likes of medivel, but I actually like pumpkin jack much more as this feels like medivel meets uncharted to an extent.. sadly not necessarily in the story as this is the weakest part of pumpkin jack… a story of good and evil except youre on the evil side this time.. you’ve been hired by the devil to stop a wizard from saving all of humanity from the monster running around terrorizing them… sadly no voice acting or what id consider real cutscenes.. which isn’t necesrily a big deal, but I would’ve loved to hear the wise cracks my crow companion was making as id play rather than try to stop and read whoich is near impossible in more than handful or situations.. but this is pumkin jacks biggest sore thumb, the rest of this 5 hour journey is an absolute blast, linear 3d platforming style with secret bird skulls for you to collect and unlock other literal skins for jack, for example you can be a lumber jack, or samurai jack, bashing monsters with what starts as a shovel, but as you beat the games bosses youll unlock more weapons and each of these weapons getting progressively powerful and more fun to use, and this is what I feel makes pumpkin jack so special, it doesn’t allow thing to get stale and it doe so with fun, not over complicating progression, the game progressively gets harder while you get closer and close to god like power, but it always remains fun with great checkpoints, satisfying combat, an little set pieces here and there such as a mining kart roller coaster or riding a ghost horse.. mini games where youll be matching the rhythm of the mushrooms, or matching tomb stones, these are an appreciated break from the main game, however these are also where any frustration can set in.. I died a little over 30 times throughout me 5 hour journey, and id say that probably over 20 of thise deaths came at the hand of not tilting the right direction on the carts, getting smacking with too many boxes as I feel through a portal… and these didn’t feel like fun quick time frustrations, these moments felt cheap and annoying, I dreading the moments I had to jump and dodge on a cart.. mostly be casue these are decently lengthy sections with no checkpoints… but after they were done it was back to the fun.. Pumpkin Jack is such a pleasant surprise and is officially one of my favorite Halloween games. So full of character charm and whit, wonderful music, great cast of characters, I want a sequel like right now.
I give Pumpkin Jack
an 8.5/10

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