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A link between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home will be established by the end of the year.

As confirmed in today’s Pokemon presentation (below), Pokemon that have been caught within Niantic’s Augmented reality title, can be transferred to Pokemon Home, which in turn will allow those specific Pokemon to be used in the Switch games, Sword and Shield.

However, in the small print, it is noted that “there are certain special Pokemon that can’t be transferred from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home.

“Pokemon sent to Pokemon Home from Pokemon Go cannot be returned to Pokemon Go.

“In order to bring certain Pokemon that were caught in Pokemon Go and then transferred to Pokemon Home into a Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield game, the Pokemon must either be registered in the Pokedex of that game or have been obtained at least once in that game.”

Ooh a mystery

Furthermore, if a player sends a Pokemon from Go to Home, they can open the mystery box in the former title, which in turn places mythical creature Meltan on the map. Meanwhile, in Home, you will receive a mystery gift that will contain a Melmetal.

Both Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home have performed well. The former, having been released in 2016, is nearing $4 billion in lifetime revenue. Meanwhile, the latter generated $5.5 million within its first six months.

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