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In this post, you will find data collected on personal experience and analysis. The point was to find the formula for the most profitable Heist Contract type and chest type. Here you’ll see what are the best ways to get rich in a heist, what contracts to choose and what chests to open.

The main idea of the most profitable chest and the contract is counted with chaos per hour. Meaning that you get the most profit in chaos orbs equivalent per hour for clearing Demolition Contracts and opening there Delirium Chests as you can see it in the table below. If you are wondering why Delirium chests are so profitable the answer is very easy, because of the price for delirium orbs and specific cluster jewels.

PoE Heist Contracts Tier List

This Heist Contracts Tier List is based on continues hours of heists. The overall data is collected per 100 chests of every type in every contract job. And the results you can see below.

In Contracts Tier List table you can see Contract job type, all chests that you can find on this type of heist and the name of the most profitable chest. Also, you can see the ranks that schematically show you the best way to get currency.

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