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Previously in PoE 3.12 Heist League mechanics guide, we mentioned rogue specialists as one of the main features of the current league. Whether you succeed in a heist or not depends on the skills of rogues that you hire. So it is extremely important to understand what their specialities are how they work. In this guide, you will find all information about Heist Rogue Specialists include their full list.

Starter Rogue Specialists

When you arrive to the Rogue Harbour for the first time you will see that you have access to three starter specialists:

  • Isla, the Engineer
  • Karst, the Lockpick
  • Tibbs, the Giant

How to equip rogue specialists?

In the dialogue window with any of them, you will see the action ‘Show inventory’. If you click on it you’ll see all rogue specialists that are available for you right now. There are nine slots, three of them will be open and you’ll the names we listed above. Click on the names to see the inventory of any rogue. There you’ll see three slots for items, one slot for a trinket and list of skills (specialities) of the rogue.

Where to find equipment for Heist specialists?

All the equipment drops on a Heist. But trinkets are available only in Grand Heists. If you want to rob a trinket you’ll need to modify the blueprint, try to reveal ore rooms and be extremely attentive during execution of the Grand Heist not to skip the display with the trinket by chance.

Also, you can upgrade the equipment. Just craft better modifiers with orbs like any other regular item. In addition to regular rogue items, you will see that trinkets grant new perks to the rogue.

How to level up the specialist’s skills?

Find contracts that require specialities that you want to master. If a rogue uses his skills on a heist he will level them up. Sometimes you will see quest contracts that are bind to a specific rogue. That will let your specialist upgrade his skills faster.

Path of Exile Heist Huck

Also, you’ll see that every rogue has personal perks. Read them carefully when you plan a heist as they may be no less important then specialties.

Effectiveness of rogue’s perk depends on the summary of their jobs. So when you level them up you will open new perks or strengthen the first one.

Heist Rogue Specialists Full List

There are nine rogues that will help you on the heist. Below you will see a table with their names, skills (specialties) and perks.

Gianna, the Master of Disguise


10% reduced Blueprint Revealing Cost;
Discovers a Blueprint Reveal upon completion of a Heist Contract Mission

Brute Force

Is a powerful Combatant and provides strong Buffs to Allies

Trap Disarmament

40% increased time before Lockdown


25% reduced raising of Alert Level from opening Chests


10% reduced raising of Alert Level;
Can Scout nearby Enemy Patrols and Elite Patrols during Heists


Can unlock 1 Magical Chest after Lockdown per Wing;
Discovers a Blueprint Reveal upon completion of a Heist Contract Mission

Can unlock 1 Mechanical Chest after Lockdown per Wing

Trap Disarmament

5% Reduced raising of Alert Level;
10% chance to find additional Heist Targets from Secret Reward Rooms

Trap Disarmament

Heist Chests have a 8% chance to Duplicate their contents;
14% increased raising of Alert Level

Also note, as we mentioned before the perks depends on the level of your rogue’s jobs skills. So what you see in the table are the starting perks.

How to Open New Rogue Specialists?

Complete contracts with different rogues to meet new specialists. Simple as that. So don’t skip or just store contracts if you want to open all of them. Usually when you go on a heist you may see one more rogue in addition to the one you signed contract with. If you succeed in such heist the rogue specialist will be added to your pull of specialists.

Path of Exile Heist Rogue Contract

On the image above you can see quest rogue contract. Complete them as soon as possible. That will not only level up your specialist skills but also increase the chance of opening new rogues on heists.

Heist Jobs List

Also you will that all heists whether it is a Grand Heist or not require specific jobs and skills to get it done. Here is the list of all nine jobs:

  • Agility
  • Brute Force
  • Counter-Thaumaturgy
  • Deception
  • Demolition
  • Engineering
  • Lockpicking
  • Perception
  • Trap Disarmament

Note that not all jobs can reach the fifth level. Some of them locks at the third level. So each job has its own maximal level.

Later we will make it with corresponding pictures.

Useful Tips

To sum up we made this Heist rogues tips:

Unlock new Heist Rogues as you progress through Heist missions. This will expand your Grand Heists planning options and unlock new Heist Contracts.

Complete Contracts that are associated with a specific Rogue. This is a special type of Heist Quests that will help you to quickly level up his skills and learn more lore about each of them.

Jobs are levelled up only by the skills that your Allies use during Heist, other available skills will remain the same.

Don’t forget about perks! They are very useful for maximizing Heists loot. They will also help you decide how it is more profitable to pass Heist – unseen and quiet, or quickly but making noise.

Be attentive not only to your actions during the Heist but also watch your crew. They can also pull the guards and start a fight with them, which will increase the Alert Level.

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