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At this point of Heist League when all the needed content has been unlocked in Path of Exile, we decided to share with you Heist Cheat Sheet for Maximum Heist Loot.

In the table below you will see the list of Rogues and the list of items that you should equip on them. Note that all your Rogues must have the maximal level to benefit from this Heist cheat sheet. Also, you can use all the rogue except Huck as he doesn’t have perks that improve the loot. So if your goal is to get the maximum from farming PoE Heists check the cheat sheet below.

The Best Modifiers for Rogues’ Equipment Cheat Sheet

In addition, we decided to write the rolls on rogues’ equipment you should focus on in order to get maximum profit from heists.

Weapon Modifiers:

Prefix: %time before Lockdown
Suffix: Reduced fees

Cloak Modifiers:

Prefix: %time before Lockdown
Suffix: %reduced rasing of alert level from chests

Brooch Modifiers:

Prefix: %increased Quantity of items dropped in Hesits
Suffix: %chance to duplicate contained Currency (or another type of loot equivalent to the rogue’s job)

Tool Modifiers:

Prefix: %increased time before lockdown, +seconds to lockdown timer
Suffix: %chance to not generate Alert level on opening chests (using skill)

All the tactics you can use here are the following. Try to get as many percents as you can on the modifiers above and try to open all the chests on your way. But don’t forget to open the final doors of the heists before Alert Level is full that will give you a chance to get to the heist objective faster. The other important note is that every chest that you open when the alert is on will take 3 seconds of time before Lockdown. Keep that in mind and try to reach the alert as close to the target as possible.

If you find these Heist Cheat Sheet for Maximum Heist Loot useful, please, share it with your friends!

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