OSRS Herb Run Guide – Tools, Herb Patch Locations

Old School RuneScape has such a wealth of activities to take part in, some of which are more useful and easier to complete than others. Completing a herb run in OSRS is something that is considered to be rather easy with the potential for great monetary returns. If this is something that you are interested in, then the follow this OSRS herb run guide to get started.

In this guide we will be covering the following:

  • Why you should herb run in OSRS
  • Handy tools for herb running
  • Herb Patch locations

Why You Should Herb Run in OSRS

The primary reason as to why you should invest your time in herb runs has kind of already been touched up. It is simple for you to get started with since the requirements for doing so are so low. They don’t take up much time for you to do either, since they only take around 80 minutes to fully grow, so you can repeat the process often in a short time. For every run that you do, you can expect to make a profit of 50-100k, and they only take five minutes roughly for you to finish a run.

What’s more, you will be able to finish them even quicker once you are able to gain access to the majority of the optimal teleports, leaving you with even more time to make profit. Speaking of which, you will only need to hit level 32 in Farming before you’re able to grow ranarrs, one of the most profitable herbs in the game.

It isn’t just good for your profits either. You can also expect this method to help you with your farming skills as well. There is a lot of experience to be gained here, as you can perform herb runs to the higher levels whilst making a wealth of profit at the same time.

OSRS Herb Running Tools

There are a few quests and unlocks that we can gather before we start initially herb running. For starters, we will want to take a look at Ultracompost, as this will prove to be very effective when farming herbs for profit. It gives you at least six herbs on a herb patch that it is used on, and cuts down the chances of your herbs becoming diseased by up to 90% when growing.

We are going to be doing a lot of running around whilst we are doing herb runs, so I would suggest that you have your weight as low as possible, so consider the likes of the Graceful outfit so you can remain efficient when running.

We also mentioned the effectiveness of teleports earlier, so look into getting Explorer’s Ring 2+. You can get this by finishing the medium Lumbridge & Draynor diary, and it means you can teleport yourself over to the cabbage patch to the south of the herb patch in Falador, which can be repeated up to three times a day if needed. You can teleport as many times as you like meanwhile if you manage to get Explorer’s Ring 3.

If you haven’t been able to obtain the Graceful Armour, and you don’t have high Agility levels, then get as many Stamina Potions as you can. You could also make use of these if you don’t have many quick teleports at your disposal to use, so grab some potions to make your runs as efficient as they can be.

There is also a herb patch at the Troll Stronghold. To get access to it you will need to have finished the My Arm’s Big Adventure quest, though its location isn’t considered to be quite as convenient as others. With that in mind, you will need to complete the Edgar’s Ruse quest so that you can use the teleport to get yourself nearby. As a bit of a side note, when it comes to accessing certain patches, it would be good to get your Construction level up to 25. This way, you can speak to the Estate Agent so you can move your house to near the Hosidius House, which gives you access to the herb patch close by in Great Kourend which can be useful.

Herb Patch Locations

Across Old School RuneScape you will find that there is a total of nine patches. You can gain access to the majority of them pretty easily, though some are hidden behind certain requirements. We have already mentioned the patch south of Falador and Great Kourend, but there are seven additional patches for you to look out for.

One of the easiest patches for you to gain access to is Catherby. You can get to it using a Camelot teleport then heading east. Meanwhile, the Troll Stronghold patch should be familiar to you if you have followed this guide so far. You can use a Trollheim teleport to get to the peak of the mountain, then head to the west to access the ladder that leads to the patch.

If you have finished the Morytania Elite diaries, then the herb patch on Harmony Island can be accessed. The best way to get here is using a Harmony Island teleport, so try and use this method over using the Arceuus spellbook since you will need a Magic level of 65 to use it. Canifis also has a patch, though it isn’t really worth your time unless the Ectophial has been unlocked already as its so far out of the way. If you do happen to have access to the Ardougne Cloak 2+ however, you can teleport with your cape to the Ardougne patch. You can also access it by heading north after using an Ardougne teleport.

As for the last patches, firstly you can use the fairy ring network to get yourself to code DKS. Once you are there, go west and speak to Larry to use his boat. After you have arrived, go to the cave to the east and head south-west until you reach a boulder. Cross it to get to the Weiss patch. Finally, there is a herb patch in the Farming Guild once you have reached tier 2 or higher. You only need to use the Farming Guild teleport on the Skills Necklace to gain access to it.


Now that you know how to herb run in OSRS, you are more than ready to get started. Remember that when you do head out to get your herbs, prices will differ between each of them, so make a note of them and decide which are best for you, which will depend on whether you are looking for profit or experience at the time.

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