New Wasteland 3 patch reduces load times up to 60% & more

If you are still trudging through the cold expanses of Colorado, your experience will now be much better. The new Wasteland 3 patch 1.1.2 is now live, bringing with it several improvements in performance, stability, quests, changes to the co-op experience, and of course, gameplay. However, the biggest headlining change will be the elimination of long load times. Thanks to this new Wasteland 3 patch, you are looking at reductions of up to 60%.

As an example, inXile saw a 38-second load time on test hardware drop to a measly 13 seconds. Considering what we had to deal with when the game first launched, this new Wasteland 3 patch is a godsend. This will be a particularly nice improvement for save scummers. If you are always living in fear of making the wrong move, you can now spend less time staring at loading screens, and more on deciding your next fatal step. That said, your hardware, save data, and which level will impact the load times in general.

Improving your chances

Other notable highlights of the Wasteland 3 patch see the fixing of an issue with unresponsive combat following the use of Chain Ambush with sniper rifles. Progression blocking issues in the Yuma County Speedway have also been resolved. Enemies will also now be less invisible after the use of Precision Strike.

Co-op action will also see the reduction of opportunities your partner can troll you while you are recruiting a new companion. Stability has been improved as well, while an issue with voice chat text-to-speech and speech-to-text has been resolved alongside other changes. The Wasteland 3 patch also solves the issues of unselectable quirks during character creation. It is also less like you will not be able to speak to a companion. A potential blocker that made revival impossible without a Nitro Spike even with Medical Marvel has also been fixed.

New Wasteland 3 Patch Reduces Load Times Up To 60%, Ideal For Save Scumming (3)

There are also several miscellaneous improvements made. You can find the full patch notes for a detailed explanation. If you find yourself stuck and need some guidance, our guides hub will be your best option to proceed.

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