New Valorant Agent Skye Release Date Confirmed, Utility Showcased


Christmas is coming early for Valorant players as Riot has this week confirmed that not only will the game’s upcoming Act III sees the launch of new map Icebox but also a new Agent called Skye. Today the developer locked in a release date of Oct. 27, while also offering a more detailed overview of her utility.

As you’ll see below, the Australian initiator’s abilities are almost like a mashup of Sova and Sage, able to provide both intel and healing support to her team. Skye’s ult looks particularly handy, launching Seekers to track down out enemies and blind them before her teammates can rush in and secure a sight.

  • Here’s a breakdown of her abilities before you watch the clip:
  • Regrowth – Channel to heal enemies within radius (C)
  • Trailblazer – Control a Tasmanian Tiger to concuss enemies (Q)
  • Guiding Light – Summon a hawk that blinds (E)
  • Seekers – Summon Seekers to nearsight (up to three) enemies (X)

Here’s the original reveal trailer for Skye, too, in case you missed it:

If you haven’t yet caught up with Patch 1.09 then you can read the full Patch Notes here.

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