New UK secondary school esports league Adaplay emerges

A new London-based tournament organiser is helping UK schools take part in esports competitions.

Adaplay allows secondary school students across the UK to take part in Rocket League and Fortnite tournaments, without needing to be in the same location.

Each tournament has a £500 prize pool.

Adaplay says its mission is to ‘create an inclusive, safe and secure environment in which young people can play competitive video games’.

It costs competing schools £5.99 per student to take part.

Adaplay says it’s confident that interest in esports will increase during the pandemic and that it’s seen an increased interest from teachers and head teachers since the new academic year started.

Adaplay’s Twitter account said: “Due to overwhelming demand from students and teachers asking for an extension to the beginning of the Autumn season, because the Covid-19 pandemic has made the beginning of the school term more challenging, we have decided to start the Autumn season on October 27th.

“There’s now more time for more players and schools to sign up and get involved in the fun.”

Awareness of esports has increased further in the UK – and globally – in recent years. There are esports courses at college and university level, and access to grassroots tournaments is there for those interested.

Other providers that allow students to take part in esports tournaments in the UK include Ukie (Digital Schoolhouse) and the British Esports Association (British Esports Championships).

“Adaplay focuses on team based and strategy-oriented games such as Rocket League and Fortnite, and research has shown that structured gaming helps to improve students’ grades, attendance and behaviour,” Adaplay said in a press release.

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