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Cross-device mobile app marketing platform MyAppFree lets developers promote their games at no cost.

If you have never heard of MyAppFree before, you probably missed the chance to “growth-hack” your business to reach the top of ranking on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

MyAppFree is not only a platform that helps companies acquiring new audiences at scale, but a trusted app and game advisor for users.

The latest feature introduced by the Italian company lets developers boost their installs while performing link building and branding activities at the same time. The idea is simple, and it works great:

  1. The dev generates promocodes of their game using the feature provided by the Store (e.g. to redeem the whole game or in-app content) and sends them to MyAppFree
  2. MyAppFree “promocode tool” generates a redemption page that automatically manages code distribution
  3. MyAppFree provides the redemption code to his network of partners
  4. Partners (e.g. International Blogs and Tech portals) post about the deal spotlight the game to their audiences
  5. Users discover the game and download it to redeem the gift
  6. Promotion ends, but posts and links keep driving traffic and ranking to the game

To see a sample of the tool in action, grab one of these promo codes available to redeem Traffix, a game developed by InfinityGames and offered by MyAppFree.

About Traffix

Traffix is a new addictive traffic simulator game developed by InfinityGames and kindly offered by MyAppFree. There is only one single rule to follow: master the traffic lights and direct vehicles and their drivers to safety.

You dictate when cars can get through or not. Be precise or vehicles will collide at each other. Save the world from the pandemonium of traffic jams. You will play in beautiful and at the same time chaotic metropolises like New York, Paris, Istanbul, Dublin, and New Delhi. There are cities featuring a truck, a train, and even a plane. Your job? Make sure they do not crash!

Normally Traffix is available at $1.99 on the Google Play Store but, thanks to the partnership between MyAppFree and InfinityGames, it is now possible to redeem it for free. Grab now your discount code, hurry up before they run out!

If you’d like to try this promotion for free on one of your games and find out all the advertising possibilities offered by MyAppFree, check and fill in the contact form or drop a message to the MyAppFree team.

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