Mortal Kombat Legacy Arcade1Up Cabinet Up For Preorder Now

At CES 2021, Arcade1Up revealed a line of new Legacy cabinets, and the one paying tribute to Mortal Kombat and classic Midway is finally available for preorder. Unlike Arcade1Up’s standard 3/4-scale cabinets, the Legacy line features a more arcade-accurate shape, faux coin slots, and a dozen games. The Mortal Kombat Legacy Arcade1Up cabinet costs $400 and is available right now from Best Buy. (Update: The listing now features a grayed-out button that says “Coming Soon.” We suggest keeping an eye on the page for when preorders open back up. We also expect to see the cabinet available from GameStop today.)

The cabinet itself features the original arcade art for Mortal Kombat II, complete with Raiden on the side panels and lightning running through the joystick and buttons. It’s an evolution of the company’s first Mortal Kombat cabinet, which looked similar but with more rounded edges. It also only came with the three aforementioned Mortal Kombat games–no other Midway classics.

In addition to the new Mortal Kombat Legacy cabinet, Arcade1Up has a number of other products available for preorder right now. The Outrun Arcade1Up cabinet is available for $550 and features a steering wheel and pedal controls, the Pac-Man Legacy cabinet is up for $400, and the company’s first pub table, Pong, is $550.

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