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By Kayleigh Partleton

It would be fair to say that I have been waiting for Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad to hit mobile devices for quite some time.

Now that I have finally been able to get my hands on it, I felt it was only right to name Ubisoft’s new military RPG as my Game of the Week. It is a must-play for any Tom Clancy fan, as Elite Squad features many recognisable characters that can be found in the various worlds Ubisoft has created based on Clancy’s novels.

Most notably, fans will see familiar faces from various franchises including The Division, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six Siege and Splinter Cell. The latter of these boasts one of the most well-known characters in gaming, Sam Fisher.

More importantly, the game plays well, is executed to near perfection, and offers the experience that I was hoping for.

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The gameplay itself is relatively simple, with some impressive real-time firefights that Tom Clancy fans are sure to enjoy. Moreover, as you increase your command level, you will unlock unique abilities that you can use in a battle to turn the tides in your favour, such as dropping rockets on top of the enemy – be sure to choose your loadout wisely.

At the start of the game, you have a few select members in your squad. Over time, you will unlock new members to add to your team, giving you the best chance at survival, securing victory over UMBRA, the faction that stands in your way.

Moreover, as you might expect, each character offers different strengths and weaknesses; some may heal the team, others may deal a ton of damage, while different squaddies may withstand more of an assault.

Furthermore, as you progress through the game, completing various missions, the difficulty will increase. As such, it is important to gear up the team; successfully fulfilling objectives could well reward you with better equipment for different team members. Not only that, but each character has a ranking, which will increase as you choose to level them to meet your commander level.

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Naturally, as with most free-to-play mobile games, there are optional microtransactions for in-game currency. The virtual-money can be used to buy a variety of things, including packs that contain new characters, resources and soldier upgrades.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad was everything I wanted and more. For years, I have craved a new Splinter Cell but being able to operate with Sam Fisher in Elite Squad is enough to tide over my undying need for the excitement of espionage.

I, for one, will enjoy completing the campaign, and experiencing all that Elite Squad has to offer, including the guilds system. This military RPG will not be leaving my phone anytime soon.

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