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The Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) announced an initiative called Esports Integrated (ESI) in partnership with Impact Integrated. An official press conference revealed that ESI would  be focusing on building an integrated structure by establishing the following  initiatives under phase one:  

  • A platform to manage and centralize the esports ecosystem that will include a fully online tournament engine.
  • Forming the Malaysia Esports Circuit.
  • Introducing the Esports Conference and Summit series (the first iteration will be held later this year).
  • Advocating for better regulatory framework and guidelines.

A report on IGN Southeast Asia stated that ESI will also be developing a “Capacity Building” program which will focus on upskilling tournament and event organizers, team managers, and coaches. This program will kick off in 2021. 

ESI will also be helping build KBS’ official esports hub located in Spacerubix, Puchong. The hub will be an event venue, training ground for professional and amateur esports players, and an area for networking for people in the industry. It is expected to be completed in 2021. 

Impact Integrated is a Malaysian company whose operations include the functions performed by a social impact agency, digital media and traditional radio platform, an ecommerce platform for local homegrown products, asset management, and affiliation with the Malaysian government. 

Shounak Sengupta is a staff writer for AFK Gaming.


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