Liben’s Marvelous Merchandise event and Box o’ Marvels

After the Elemental Crucible a couple of weeks ago, Genshin Impact has a new event for its players. The Marvelous Merchandise event has you looking for Liben’s location. You’re also provided rewards upon opening the Box o’ Marvels. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Genshin Impact: Marvelous Merchandise event and Liben’s Box o’ Marvels rewards

Once you check your event notifications in Genshin Impact, you’re told that a new vendor is roaming around Teyvat as part of the Marvelous Merchandise event. His name is Liben and you’ll find him near the flower shop near Mondstadt’s gate.

Note: Just to be clear, Liben’s location is expected to change each day, so pay attention to the clue on the event’s panel.

Upon speaking with Liben, you’re asked for some resources. For the first day of the Marvelous Merchandise event, Liben asks for 10x mushrooms.

Genshin Impact Liben Location Marvelous Merchandise Event Box O' Marvels 1

Once you’ve given him what he needs, you’re provided a chance to open a Box o’ Marvels. These correspond to each of Genshin Impact‘s elements. Opening one doesn’t require any currency all you need to do is complete Liben’s task for the day.

According to Genshin Impact‘s Reddit community, these are the possible rewards from the Box o’ Marvels:

  • 30x primogems; 40,000 mora/gold
  • 30x primogems; 3x of each talent-leveling booklet
  • 30x primogems; 3x adventurer’s experience; 3x hero’s wit – These were the rewards I got after opening the Geo box.

Genshin Impact Liben Location Marvelous Merchandise Event Box O' Marvels 2

As of now, we still don’t know if the rewards are static for all players or if they’re randomized in sets (with a possible bigger reward that might drop randomly or towards the end of the event). We’ll keep you posted in the coming days since Liben’s location and material requirements do change.

Don’t forget that Genshin Impact‘s Marvelous Merchandise event runs from October 26 to November 1 (until next Monday’s weekly reset). You may hold off on opening the Box o’ Marvels for a few days (if you want to open them in bulk). However, you need to make sure to do this before the event ends. Otherwise, you’ll forfeit all your chances.

Genshin Impact Liben Location Marvelous Merchandise Event Box O' Marvels 3

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