How to unlock the Medical Clinic Door

There are certain quests then you need to complete in the European Processing Center. One of them is investigating some AR Footage, which can only be done once the Medical Clinic door is unlocked. If you have been trouble know how to unlock the Medical Clinic door in Watch Dogs Legion then this guide will teach you how to complete it quickly.

Besides teaching you how to unlock the Medical Clinic door, we will also explain how to complete Lost in Process and investigate the AR Footage in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to unlock the Medical Clinic Door in Watch Dogs: Legion

When you get close to the Medical Clinic door, you will see a code lock on the left but the question is how it will get unlocked. Upon scanning the area, you will find any nearby electronics to hijack including Camera.

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There is a Camera on the ceiling inside the clinic. Make sure you are standing in the perfect place so you can have a better look of the ceiling. Once you Hijacked the camera, you will be able to solve the puzzle and activate the code look.

You need to rotate a few nodes and keep doing the same until all of them turn blue. Doing this will grant you access to the front door through the code lock. After hijacking the security camera, look around the room for all nodes and press Q (on PC) to rotate them. Once they are lined up, you will be able to open the front door to the Medical Clinic.

Once the door unlocked, move inside the Medical Clinic and take a left, there you will see a tank on the floor that you can interact with to reconstruct AR. After reconstructing the AR to see what had happened in the room, you will have to follow Angel outside to investigate the AR Footage.

Next, the Lost in Process quest has been completed.

That’s basically all you need to know about how to unlock the Medical Clinic door and complete Lost in Process quest in Watch Dogs: Legion. Get more such tips in our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki on Gamer Tweak.

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