How To Change Controls In Genshin Impact (Change Keybindings)

Can you change controls according to your preferences.

It is a natural habit of gamers to tweak the controls for every game according to their preferences. As with most games, players would be looking for changing controls in Genshin Impact. But the major question that arises here is whether the developers allows changing controls and if yes then how. This guide is to answer just that. Follow this guide and get to know the answer.

Genshin Impact: How to Change Controls

If coming straight to the point, the answer is no. There is no possible way to change keybindings in Genshin Impact. The only thing you can do is view the controls and get familiar with it.

change keybindings in genshin impact

You can access the controls from the menu tab. Just head to the menu screen and look for the settings tab on the bottom left of the screen. When you click on the settings, there will be a complete breakdown of all the controls displayed. However, there is one little thing that can help you alter the PC controls and that’s by adding a console. Genshin Impact is released for the PS4 platform as well. Hence, the game supports consoles. So the only way to change controls in Genshin Impact is by adding a PS4 console to PC and working your way around.

There is no officially announced news by the developers as of yet to allow changing keybindings in Genshin Impact. But the game is still new, hopefully, developers might bring in some alteration and allow players to change controls in Genshin Impact for the future versions of the game.

So now you know that there is no way to change controls in Genshin Impact. Hence, you might need some help to play the game in default controls. You can read our various guides on the game that will help you progress easily even with the default controls. For instance, you can read where to find eagles for achieving a bronze trophy in the game. Similarly, you can read how to restore Original Resin or how to get star glitter in Genshin Impact.

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