Hotshot Racing for Xbox One Reviews

A great arcade racer from the people that brought us OutRun 2 and for instance the latest Sonic racing game, Sumo Digital.

If you like games like Daytona USA, Ridge Racer, and OutRun 2, where you drift trough corners to keep the most speed, this is the game for you. This is a trip down memory lane, even while the game is new!

Graphics: This could be the big brother of Virtua Racing (recently released on Nintendo Switch)! Its looks great thanks to those plain polygons, with cool track themes witch gives a Sega feel to it. No, it won’t push the hardware, but those eye popping collors, smooth frame rate, and no pop in that i could notice, makes this one a looker!

Sound: The cars sound like the looks, like a arcade racer. The music is upbeat and fast to give you extra adrenaline. The selected song speeds up in the final lap. No bells and whistles, but good sound FX and cheesy music helps giving this game that oldschool vibe!

Gameplay: I haven’t tried shifting myself, but on automatic, the drifting works the same as Burnout/Team Sonic Racing. Just apply the brakes while you keep the hammer down, and you will drift, earning boost (also like Burnout). Also drafting/slipstreaming fills up the boost meter, and gain you boost if you stay in the zone long enough. The hard rubberbanding effect makes it so that you always have a exiting race. Just save one or two boost blocks for when you’re in the final lap closing in on the finish, and you can pass 2 or more cars before you finish! Yes, it’s simple, but the speed and responsive controlls makes this one a winner!

Lastabillity: It has more than 3 tracks (with each having a variation or two), has adictive gameplay, and that happy feel you get from the game keeps you comming back for more. I don’t know if this will become a true classic that will be played years after its release, but i think i will keep comming back to it, just like i do with Virtua Racing, Out Run, and Daytona USA!

Conclusion: for the cheap price, this is a winner! I would even pay more and still would have got my moneys worth out of the fun thrills the game gives. If you like arcade racers like i do, give this one a chance! On Xbox it’s also in Game Pass, so try it out!

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