Glastrier or Spectrier: Which Should You Choose?

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s final planned DLC, Crown Tundra, is finally here and players can jump into this new snowy region of Galar. There are plenty of legends (and legendaries) in the Crown Tundra and fortunately for us, a lot of them are real! If you’re here, you’re trying to choose between Glastrier or Spectrier in Crown Tundra’s story. There’s no right or wrong answer, but here’s our advice.

Choosing Between Glastrier and Spectrier in Crown Tundra

So let’s get right to it. You’re facing down a choice between catching either Glastrier or Spectrier and want to know which is better before making this decision.

The Case for Spectrier

Your instinct, if you’re familiar with competitive battling, will probably be to lean towards Spectrier.

Spectrier has far, far better typing than Glastrier. It’s mono Ghost which has almost no weaknesses other than Dark and Ghost versus the mono Ice typing of Glastrier which has lots of weaknesses.

Spectrier also has a much more attractive base stat spread. It’s extremely fast at 130 base speed and can pair that with a monstrous 145 Sp. Attack that can be boosted even further thanks to its ability to raise Sp. Attack by one stage after each knock out it gets. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Unfortunately, though, Spectrier is a one-trick pony. It has a very bad move pool. It only has a handful of good Special Attacking moves, most of which are Ghost. Its move type diversity comes through more from physical moves that it can’t take advantage of with its weak 65 base Attack. It also has a very average to below-average defenses. 60 Defense and 80 Sp. Defense.

If you need a fast, hard-hitting Ghost-type then Spectrier is a great choice, but you’re going to be primarily relying a lot on Shadow Ball and not much else.

I would suggest pairing it with a team that can apply status effects, such as Toxic Spikes, and try to use Spectrier to unleash super powerful Hex attacks instead.

The Case for Glastrier

If you’re a Pokemon veteran you might see an Ice-type Pokemon combined with a horrendous base 30 Speed and be inclined to instantly throw it in the trash. I won’t blame you, that’s usually the appropriate response. The best Ice Pokemon are super fast to take advantage of their great offensive typing and minimize their terrible defensive typing.

But hear me out for a second. Glastrier, other than those two admittedly very bad things going against it, it’s a total beast.

All those base stats not in Speed are going to everything else that will help it thrive and survive. Glastrier has 100 HP, 145 Attack, 130 Defense, and 110 Sp. Defense. That’s nasty.

Unlike Spectrier that has a pretty shallow move pool that doesn’t even really complement its strengths, Glastrier has an incredible move pool that gives it great coverage.

It can use: Superpower, Megahorn, High Horsepower, Close Combat, Avalanche, Swords Dance, and Icicle Crash to name a few.

It may be controversial as it goes against conventional wisdom but I’m going to give the edge to Glastrier. It’s definitely going to be more fun to use, that’s for sure.

If you don’t care at all about competitive battling though, then you really can’t go wrong. Choose the one that balances out your team more if you’re planning on using them in your party. They are both powerful and fun to use Pokemon.

That’s all we got about whether you should choose Glastrier or Spectrier in the Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Feel free to disagree with us in the comments below.

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