German Streamer Knossi Leads Twitch with Marathon Halloween Event – Weekly Twitch Top 10s, Oct. 26 – Nov. 1

The biggest esports event of the year concluded on Saturday as DAMWON Gaming returned the League of Legends scene to its comfortable state of Korean dominance.

However, the biggest channel of the weekend had nothing to do with esports, and instead came from a German streamer locking himself in a haunted house for the weekend.

Twitch’s Top Channel – TheRealKnossi

Jens “Knossi” Knossalla saw enormous success on Twitch earlier this summer by hosting a three-day fishing camp with other popular German influencers and livestreaming the event on his personal channel. In a return performance, Horrorcamp 2020 put those same influencers in an abandoned building over Halloween weekend. Fans tuned in to the tune of 7.33M hours watched, making Knossalla the week’s biggest streamer by over 4M hours watched.

In Shanghai, Riot games concluded its League of Legends World Championship with the main broadcast generating 3.02M hours watched. The finals match was the only competition the channel broadcast this week, but it was enough to put Riot in third place on the Top Ten.

Twitch’s Top Content – Just Chatting

The content side of Twitch appears to have stabilized in a new normal for the time being with Among Us firmly planted at third place with Fortnite just behind. At some point, Among Us will see a precipitous drop off the Top Ten whenever the trend finally expires, but the week-over-week decline has been minimal thus far and streamers from across every category on the platform continue to dedicate significant streaming hours to this out-of-nowhere success story.

It is also worth noting that the Just Chatting category surpassed 51.26M hours watched this week and continues to position itself as the overwhelming leader on the platform.

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