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Exile’s Reach is a new starting zone in World of Warcraft that will be added in the pre-expansion patch. You will be a part of an investigational crew and your task is to learn what had happened to a group of people sent on the task before. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, you appear on Exile’s Reach island and so your journey begins. In this post, you will learn everything about Exile’s Reach and what it brings for new and veteran players.

Leveling in Exile’s Reach

We are sure that you’ve heard that there is going to be a new levelling system in Shadowlands. The new cap of levels is 60. As for the levels that all your current characters have. They will change as shown in the table below:

Battle for Azeroth Level Shadowlands Level Battle for Azeroth Level Shadowlands Level
120 50 60–63 25
118–119 49 57–59 24
116–117 48 54–56 23
114–115 47 51–53 22
112–113 46 48–50 21
110–111 45 45–47 20
108–109 44 43–44 19
106–107 43 41–42 18
104–105 42 39–40 17
102–103 41 37–38 16
100–101 40 35–36 15
98–99 39 32–34 14
96–97 38 29–31 13
94–95 37 26–28 12
92–93 36 23–25 11
90–91 35 20–22 10
88–89 34 18–19 9
86–87 33 16–17 8
84–85 32 14–15 7
82–83 31 12–13 6
80–81 30 10–11 5
76–79 29 8–9 4
72–75 28 5–7 3
68–71 27 2–4 2
64–67 26 1 1

Also, you will start as level 1 and stay in Exile’s Reach till you reach level 10. Here you will learn the basics of World of Warcraft and also learn your class. For example, you will learn how to tank and charge with a warrior. Or you will learn how to tame and stable pets as a hunter. And all rogues will learn how to use their combos in the most effective way.

In addition, you will enter your first mini-dungeon designed for 1-5 people. There you will learn the basics of PvE content such as raids and dungeons. As a member of new members chat you will be able to ask guides any question to learn faster. How to become a guide read here.

If you are a new player or you have never reached the maximum level in World of Warcraft before you cannot leave or skip Exile’s Reach. As well, as you will need to continue your journey in Battle for Azeroth expansion until you reach level 50 and move on to Shadowlands.

If you are a veteran player, or you have reached a maximum level with any character before you can skip Exile’s Reach and level up from level 1 in the starting area for your race. When you reach level 10 you can speak to Chromie and pick any previous expansion to level up. Note, that you can change expansions any time you want. Also, you can stay in BFA on level 10. Anyway, you will need to get level 50 to enter the Shadowlands.

What about Death Knights and Demon Hunters? Reasonable question. If you start for any of these classes your character will be level 8 and the following 2 levels you’ll need to obtain in their own starting zone. On level 10 you will join the others in the relevant way.

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