Five Dates for PlayStation 4 Reviews

Five Dates basically has what I want from a game at this exact moment in time. There’s no violence, no screaming, no heavy machinery, no building, no wandering around trying to find things. Instead, the focus is on creating relationships, whether or not they turn into friendship or dating or a lifelong love. The gameplay is easy to follow since it’s all just making choices, and if you struggle with that you can even pause the choices so the game doesn’t carry on without your input. I’m not going to lie, I was initially worried about how the quality of acting would be through the performers shooting themselves through an iPhone, but it’s pretty darned good. Good enough for me to momentarily think someone may be my match, despite already having a wonderful match in the real world (I cannot emphasise how awkward this made me feel, but he found it amusing). There are a few things that I’d love to change if I could, but otherwise, I’m quite impressed at the feat of conceptualising, writing, shooting, producing, and developing a video game in eight months.

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