FFXIV Heaven on High Dungeon Guide

The FFXIV Heaven on High dungeon is yet another way for players to enhance their experience in the popular MMO. It has a unique experience to offer players, one in which they will be doing battle with enemies to reach new heights.

So you can understand what Heaven on High has to offer, the following guide will discuss:

  • What is FFXIV Heaven on High?
  • Where is Heaven on High?
  • How to Unlock It
  • Progression Tips
  • Rewards

What is FFXIV Heaven on High?

Heaven on High presents an ever-changing dungeon in which the architecture is altered each time a player decides to go into the tower. Players will start out at level 61, and will be able to gain experience by defeating the enemies found within.

Those who are able to reach the top are in for some great rewards, which we will be discussing later. For now, you will need to know where to find the tower, and how to unlock it.

Where is Heaven on High?

In order to find Heaven on High, players will need to speak with Kyusei in Crick in the Ruby Sea. It is worth keeping in mind that only the party leader is able to use the instance when entering as a party.

How to Unlock Heaven on High in FFXIV

In order for you to gain access to Heaven on High, players will need to have finished the 50th Floor of Palace of the Dead. So firstly you will need to have started the Deep Dungeon quest line with “The House That Death Built” quest in New Gridania. This is available after you have beaten the main scenario quest known as “Into a Copper Hell”. Once that’s done, go and speak to the Wood Wailer Captain at Quarrymill in the South Shroud.

After that, there is the “Tide Goes In, Imperials Go Out” main scenario quest to finish in the Ruby Sea, and the “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” quest, also located in the Ruby Sea.

Tips for Progressing through the Dungeon

Now that you have an idea of how to unlock it, you are going to need some key tips to survive. Firstly, you need to be aware that your gear has no use here. Instead, you will be using Aetherpool gear, as you did in POTD. You can improve this equipment set by finding silver chests in the dungeon.

If you are in a party, then you will share an inventory. Items featured here include pomanders and magicite, which can be used by anyone in the party no matter who collects it. It is worth mentioning however that fixed parties cannot start past the 30th floor. You are usually allowed to go back into the tower at certain points after beating bosses. However, if you are in a fixed party, you can only start doing so as high as floor 21.

Avoid Unnecessary Combat

As you progress through each floor, you will notice that there is a beacon of Passage, as well as revival stations. You should try to avoid any unnecessary combat once they are open, since you don’t level past 70 and you aren’t likely to get any useful loot from enemies. Where enemies are concerned, you should try running behind them where possible, since a lot of the monsters you encounter are likely to be aggressive.

Save Magicite and Pomander for Bosses

When you do get to bosses, you should make sure that you have left yourself with Magicite and Pomander, particularly Pomander of Frailty. This is handy for when you are working between floors 21 to 30, and you can even one-shot a boss if you manage to find Odin Magicite. On the subject of Pomander, if you get Pomander of Petrification, you should manage your time wisely, as although it does happen to leave enemies with only 1HP, it only lasts for 30 seconds. With that in mind, try to consider the positioning of your party.

Communicate with Teammates

One great piece of advice to consider is to communicate. Make sure that you and your teammates are talking to each other, as you will be able to organise yourselves much easier this way. So if you can get into a party chat via Discord or whatever your method of choice is, then do so. You should also decide on someone to manage your inventory, and have them get to grips with what each pomander and magicite does.

Individually, you should make sure to bring your own potions. Having 60 Empyrean Potions each should have you more than prepared for what’s to come. Get yourself a Phoenix Down too, and some Echo Drops to keep you safe. Whilst we are talking about protecting ourselves, its always a good idea to pick your battles in this instance. If you happen to see a monster roaming around, make sure that your target it, and keep your eye on its movements lest it gets behind you and starts to cause damage.

FFXIV Heaven on High Rewards

Now onto the fun stuff, with the activity offeringa  number of rewards. If you are at level 70 when entering, you will receive Allagan tomestones and gil, whilst you will get experience points, gil and Allagan tomestones of poetics between levels 61 and 69.

If you managed to get beyond the 30th floor, then you will be awarded an Empyrean Potsherd. This can then be traded to the Confederate Custodian, which you will find in Crick in the Ruby Sea. You can also get an Empyrean Aetherpool grip if you managed to get your armour to +10, and you can then exchange that once more with Crick in the Ruy Sea.


That is everything you need to know to get yourself started in FFXIV Heaven on High. This combined with Palace of the Dead are great ways for players to gain more experience in the popular MMO. It will certainly present you with a challenge, but if you can find a party that is willing to cooperate and organise with you efficiently, then you should be storming through the floors of the tower in no time at all.

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