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Fantasian () from Mistalker has been something many people including myself have been looking forward to ever since it was revealed for Apple Arcade. When Apple Arcade was officially showcased initially, Fantasian from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and Mistwalker was revealed for the service and since then, we’ve slowly been seeing bits and pieces of the game through screenshots and teases on Twitter. Hironobu Sakaguchi was even featured in the “Meet the Creators” trailer for the service. Fantasian has been in development for a few years now and today, Mistwalker have released story and gameplay trailers for the upcoming diorama adventure RPG. Fantasian has players setting out to reclaim Leo’s memories. Leo awakens from an explosion to find himself lost in a new land with only one memory. Fantasian has music by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu who did some of my favourite soundtracks like Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IV, Fantasy Life, and more. So far the music in Fantasian sounds excellent. Watch the Fantasian story trailer below:

Fantasian has interesting gameplay mechanics like a Dimengeon battle system that lets players send previously encountered enemies into a separate dimension to explore peacefully for a bit. Players can then initiate the Dimengeon battle and take on the enemies at once. One of the standout features of Fantasian has been the dioramas and more than 150 of these have been created for Fantasian. Watch the Fantasian gameplay features trailer below showcasing the Dimengeon battle system:

If you’d like to play Fantasian the moment it is out, you can get a reminder set on the App Store here. It is worth noting that for some reason, Fantasian on Apple Arcade doesn’t seem to be available in every country worldwide. Hopefully it is just a matter of roll out being slow because it would be surprising to me to see one of the biggest games shown off for Apple Arcade not release worldwide. So far, everything about Fantasian has looked and sounded amazing. I can’t wait to check it out when it releases. Until then, head over to our Fantasian forum thread for more discussion. For all other Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. Have you played Mistwalker’s games like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Terra Battle, or The Last Story yet and what are you expecting from Fantasian?

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