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Today we want to highlight some new class features presented by Blizzard for Diablo IV Sorceress. Each class in Diablo IV will have its personal unique game style. Sorceress Enchantment System is one of them.

Below you will see the way Sorceress Enchantment System is going to work and what are the peculiarities of the unique mechanics for Diablo IV Sorceress.

First of all, each Sorceress skill has two possible effects. The first one is the active slot when you use the ability by pressing on it as usual. And the second one is the Enchantment slot. In that case, this ability cannot be used as an active one, but you will gain some significant bonuses instead.

You can see an example above with Ball of Lightning skill. You can gain the secondary effect of a skill by placing it in an Enchantment slot instead of an active skill slot.

In the videos above you can see another example of Meteor skill. In the left it is used as an active ability in the right one it is implemented as an enchantment. The difference is that as the enchantment Meteors will fall randomly on the enemies from time to time and as a skill you can call one meteor where you need to.

Next time we will tell you about Diablo IV Barbarian specific system.

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