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In this post, you will see the list of all the Seasonal Class Sets that will appear in the upcoming Diablo 3 2.6.10 patch in Season 22. We have already highlighted upcoming features, which you can read about here. All the sets we describe below are the part of seasonal rewards. You can receive only one set per account so choose wisely.

Demon Hunter – Gears of Dreadlands Set

  • Dystopian Goggles (Head)
  • Galvanized Vest (Torso)
  • Gas Powered Automail Forearm (Hands)
  • Antique Vintage Boots (Feet)
  • Mechanical Pauldrons (Shoulders)
  • Cold Cathode Trousers (Legs)

Gears of Dreadlands Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Gain 4 seconds of Momentum when attacking with a Primary skill, up to a maximum duration of 20 seconds. Your Primary skills deal 10% more damage per second of Momentum.

4 pieces:

  • Strafing against enemies will automatically shoot your last used Primary skill, and also give 60% damage reduction while Strafing and for 5 seconds after. While Strafing, you move 8% faster per second of Momentum.

6 pieces:

  • Your primary skills deal 10,000% more damage.

Barbarian – Horde of Ninety Savages Set

Horde of Ninety Savages
  • Skull of Savages (Head)
  • Markings of Savages (Torso)
  • Claws of Savages (Hands)
  • Heel of Savages (Feet)
  • Spines of Savages (Shoulders)
  • Leggings of Savages (Legs)

Horde of Ninety Savages Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Double the effectiveness of shouts. You deal double damage to Feared, Stunned and Frozen enemies.

4 pieces:

  • Each stack of Frenzy reduces damage taken by 6%, and Frenzy lasts twice as long.

6 pieces:

  • Frenzy deals 1000% increased damage per stack.

Wizard – The Typhon’s Veil Set

The Typhon's Veil Set
  • Typhon’s Frons (Head)
  • Typhon’s Thorax (Torso)
  • Typhon’s Claws (Hands)
  • Typhon’s Tarsus (Feet)
  • Typhon’s Tibia (Shoulders)
  • Typhon’s Abdomen (Legs)

The Typhon’s Veil Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Doubles the duration of Hydras and increases the number of heads on multi-headed Hydras by two

4 pieces:

  • Damage taken is reduced by 8% for each Hydra head alive. Each time you take damage, a head dies. A head cannot die more than once every 2 seconds.

6 pieces:

  • Hydras deal 2000% increased damage for each Hydra head alive.

Witch Doctor – Mundunugu’s Regalia Set

Mundunugu's Regalia Set
  • Mundunugu’s Headdress (Head)
  • Mundunugu’s Robe (Torso)
  • Mundunugu’s Rhythm (Hands)
  • Mundunugu’s Dance (Feet)
  • Mundunugu’s Descendant (Shoulders)
  • Mundunugu’s Decoration (Legs)

Mundunugu’s Regalia Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Big Bad Voodoo now follows the caster and lasts twice as long.

4 pieces:

  • Gain 60% damage reduction for 30 seconds when you enter the Spirit Realm.

6 pieces:

  • Spirit Barrage deals 20,000% increased damage plus additional % equal to 5 times your Mana Regeneration/Second.

Monk – Patterns of Justice Set

Patterns of Justice Set
  • Decree of Justice (Head)
  • Lamellars of Justice (Torso)
  • Bazubands of Justice (Hands)
  • Weaves of Justice (Feet)
  • Mirrors of Justice (Shoulders)
  • Mountains of Justice (Legs)

Patterns of Justice Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Sweeping Wind gains the effect of every rune and Movement Speed is increased by 5% for each stack of Sweeping Wind

4 pieces:

  • Attacking with Tempest Rush reduces damage taken by 50% and increases Spirit Regeneration by 50.

6 pieces:

  • Hitting with Tempest Rush while Sweeping Wind is active increases the size of Sweeping Wind as well, and also increases all damage dealt by 15,000%.

Crusader – Aegis of Valor Set

Aegis of Valor Set
  • Crown of Valor (Head)
  • Brigandine of Valor (Torso)
  • Gauntlets of Valor (Hands)
  • Greaves of Valor (Feet)
  • Spaulders of Valor (Shoulders)
  • Chausses of Valor (Legs)

Aegis of Valor Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Attacking with Fist of the Heavens empowers you, allowing Heaven’s Fury to deal 100% increased damage for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times multiplicatively.

4 pieces:

  • Hitting with Fist of the Heavens returns 5 Wrath and reduces damage taken by 1% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 50 times.

6 pieces:

  • Increase the damage of Fist of the Heavens and Heaven’s Fury by 20000%.

Necromancer – Masquerade of the Burning Carnival Set

Masquerade of the Burning Carnival
  • Luxurious Bauta (Head)
  • Sophistocated Vest (Torso)
  • Lavishing Gloves (Hands)
  • Extravagant Shoes (Feet)
  • Glamorous Gigot (Shoulders)
  • Elegant Pants (Legs)

Masquerade of the Burning Carnival

2 pieces:

  • Simulacrums no longer take damage, gain all runes, and its cooldown is refreshed when you die.

4 pieces:

  • While you have a Simulacrum, damage is reduced by 50%. Damage you take is split with your Simulacrums as well.

6 pieces:

  • Your Bone Spear deals 10,000% increased damage. Simulacrums gain triple this bonus.

These sets you’ll see as Seasonal Journey Rewards in Diablo 3 Season 22 Shadows of the Past.

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