Dataminer Shares New Details About GameCube And Wii Emulator In Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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In the short time-frame since the leak and release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, dataminers have been discovering more and more about this 35th-anniversary collection each day.

The latest finding once again comes from OatmealDome. This time, they believe they’ve found additional “GPU features” in the GameCube and Wii emulator within the collection. They go on to speculate how it could be a sign of things to come, but can’t necessarily guarantee anything.

“Note: I’m not saying that these games are coming!!!”

The GPU features that appear to have been implemented (as displayed in the first tweet) are “mainly used by the Paper Mario games”, “Mario Strikers”, “EA Sports” titles, and “more”.

YouTuber – Modern Vintage Gamer – speculates what this could lead to in his latest video:

“Given the inclusion of these two GPU features in the emulation layer, while right now there is no proof of anything – and I want to be very clear that this is just speculation, it does kind of suggest though, that the reason why NERD decided to build an emulation layer for Mario 3D All-Stars rather than just port code, is not because it’s a “lazy port” but because they wanted to build an emulation layer that is reusable, and they want to use it for up and coming titles.”

Further, into the video, he narrowed his thoughts:

“I think the emulation layer that NERD has developed is going to be utilised for game-specific enhancements and game-specific remasters to the Nintendo Switch.”

“Ultimately, they’ve gone down the right path and it really opens up the door for older games to be remastered.”

What do you make of these latest findings in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars emulators? Hoping it leads to something more? Tell us down below.

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