Call of Duty account compromization rumors addressed by Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone fans may be familiar with hackers. However, a different type of hack has grabbed the attention of Call of Duty players. Earlier this week, claims emerged which stated that Call of Duty accounts were being hacked. It claimed that as many as 500,000 accounts had been breached. Understandably, this left many Call of Duty fans concerned.

A now deleted twitter account urged players to change their passwords as account details were being generated and made public. Also, the user claimed that it was the biggest hack in Call of Duty history. However, Activision has since released a statement that may put fans at ease. The statement was published on the Activision Support Twitter page.

It explained that the reports which suggested that accounts had been compromised were entirely false. Also, Activision reassured players that they investigate privacy concerns and take them seriously. It is important to note that if a change is made to your Call of Duty account, you should receive an email regarding the matter. In an event where you did not make changes, you can follow the steps provided by Activision. If you are still concerned, there is an Activision blog post which outlines ways in which you can keep your account secure.

Is there room for improvement?

Despite this, the statement from Activision did not say that a hack did not happen. Instead, it only reported that the claims of a breach were not accurate. Perhaps a different incident could have taken place, on a smaller scale to the one rumoured. It will be interesting to see if Activision has any plans to improve the security of Call of Duty accounts. In the past, many fans have questioned why Activision has not implemented a system to allow for two-factor authentication. Perhaps this is the catalyst to initiate that change.

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