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Cake Bash
Pretty Sweet
Cake bash is a 4 player mini gm based competitive game that can be played either local or online and here you play as
Cake Bash
Pretty Sweet
Cake bash is a 4 player mini gm based competitive game that can be played either local or online and here you play as a pastry of your choice with only one goal, to become the tastiest…
Be the tastiest pastry by the end of this 20 minute series of mini games…
And for the most part I had n absolute blast with this game…
Each round the players vote on a game to play, all of which youll be chasing highscores, but some youre taking on the game, and some youll be taking on the other 3 players..collecting jelly beans, bashing eachother to knock them off, breaking fortune cookies, throwing in barries to a pie, roasting marshmallows, just to name a few..and dependant on how you do, youll earn coins that can be spent when it comes time to do some topping shopping, and this is how you become the tastiest, savin up for the best toppings and collecting 3 of those topping to upgrade it to a topping worth more points, and whoever has the most points by the end of the game wins.. with robots this is very easy to do, but when real players get involved there is tons of strategy at play here.. for starters the first player to win the first game has the ultimate advantage as they will be the only person during the first shopping stop to be able to afford the most expensive topping if one is available, already putting them onto the path for success, however there is a little luck machine on the side for those not as fortunate.. theselittle mystery balls cost half os much as a regular topping but can rewardyou with not only regular toppings, but even the most expesive topping for a fraction of the price, so if youre down on your luck, you have that machine to possibly give you the edge you need to come out on top.. however there is also the risk of getting moldy cheese or fish bones attached to you, and youll need to pay the same amount of coins to discard them.. so there is a risk as these items can take a hefty amount of points away from you in the end…
My biggest complaint with Cake bash is that there just isn’t enough variety to the game modes… It will tak 3 and a half hours to unlock all of the places and modes, but getting to the end of that rainbow really stats to become quite repeettive and boring in the final hour, only a th fault of playing the same thing over and over, always having to do a cookie bash, always having to play sweet victory at the end… I need some variety in each op my play throughs, and playing the same mini game but on a different map with different hazards just isn’t enough.. theres only so many times I can beat up a cookie or uppercut a muffin that has too many jelly beans attached to it… at least in a row…
Another complaint I have is in how cake bash saves progress.. im not sure when or how often it does, but there is a meta game of completing challaenges to unlock new versions of the characters you can choose, and a game crash caused me to lose over 20% of my game progress, which was about an hr or so of play time lost.. that’s about 3 rounds.. so the game didn’t event save my progress in between each round… thankfully some of the harder challenges were remembered, but some of the tedious ones were not which is quite frustrating..
Overall though my girlfriend and I loved being cupcakes and donuts bashing eachother with spoons and dodging pigeons, forks, and knives…
it was the final grind that only I had to endure that left me craving more in this game of sweets..
I give Cake Bash
a 7.5/10

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