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Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 4 is already being called the most content-packed season we’ve had till date. No other season has had so much happening within the first three weeks. We have – Mythic superhero abilities added every few weeks, massive changes in Team Rumble such as cars and Quinjet drones, a Galactus mini-boss within the game, lots of map changes along with a massive Stark Industries POI suddenly replacing Frenzy Farms, an infinite-fuel car, a superpowers LTM, RPGs being unvaulted, and many more official Marvel skins and bosses incoming. As expected, season 4 of Fortnite has brought along a new meta.

The game has changed so much this season and with a refreshed loot pool, it’s certainly a giant upgrade from Season 3. In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the current meta- best strategies, weapons, landing spots, which superpowers to go for, and how to survive the chaos of Season 4.

Where are the Superpowers Found?

The Stark Industries Lab, Doom’s Domain, and the Quinjet landing spots are hands down the best landing spots, since they offer you Iron Man, Dr. Doom, and Thor’s Mythic weapons respectively. Mobility isn’t an issue in Season 4 because of vehicles and Rifts, which makes the “best landing spots” dependent on what kind of loot you can get there rather than how close they are to the next circle.

All of these locations are new this season and offer different things if you end up surviving the initial fights:

  • Stark Industries: You can get the Stark Industries rifle, Iron Man’s Mythic items, as well as the infinite-fuel car parked outside the Stark Industries. Iron Man’s uni-beam is insane: it goes through builds, can deal 90 damage from a large distance, and there’s nothing you can really do if you’re on the receiving end of it.
  • Quinjet landing spots: These offer you the Stark rifle, are relatively less populated, and the carrier drones have a high chance of dropping Thor, Silver Surfer, and She-Hulk’s Mythic items. A great strategy is to land near one of these landing sites, get shields and weapons, and attack the team that’s trying to overpower the Stark Robots and grab loot. It’s definitely hard for such teams to fight both you and the Stark Robots, plus they usually won’t have shields at this point. Thor’s ability is the best out of this lot, followed by She-Hulk’s smashing fists, and lastly Silver Surfer’s mobility surfboard.
  • Doom’s Domain: Pleasant Park has received a major update this season. Dr. Doom’s mansion has appeared at the north end, the football field has an underground vault and helipad, and Doom’s henchmen are patrolling the area. Dr. Doom can be quite hard to defeat at times but it’s certainly worth it for his two Mythic items.

We’re likely to receive Blank Panther, Wolverine, and Venom’s abilities later this month. They were just added to the new Marvel’s Knockout LTM this week and as per leaks, will be added to the main game very soon.

Which are the Strongest Non-Superhero Weapons?

While the superpowers have certainly rattled the Fortnite Season 4 meta, they are limited due to cooldowns, and ranged weapon fights will still be used more often.

The Stark Industries Energy Rifle is an absolute beast and was probably constructed keeping in mind the superheroes who will be attacking you from a distance. It feels like a laser gun mixed with the old Infantry Rifle, and can be easily found at Quinjet sites or by defeating henchmen. The gun is already great when you find it but it can be further upgraded to Epic and Legendary rarities. The Stark Industries Energy Rifle certainly overshadows all other ranged weapons currently in the game, holding its alongside Legendary snipers and even the new Scoped Assault Rifle.

The shotguns and SMGs this season are pretty balanced and I recommend picking the one you are most comfortable with. The updated Combat Shotgun is weaker than the Charge and Pump but offers longer range, which can be beneficial when fighting an enemy with a Mythic item. The Charge shotgun, while still being a heavy-hitter up close, has a slow fire rate but deals better damage than a Pump Shotgun from a distance.

Where are the Explosive Weapons?

Rocket Launchers were vaulted in the first week of the season but are now available as Legendary weapons via Gorgers – the new minibosses.

Gorger fights aren’t the easiest, and require at least one teammate to finish quickly. The issue is, while these reward great weapons, you’re also making a lot of noise and attracting attention towards yourself.

To destroy a Gorger, simply shoot down one of its drones. Pick up the drone before it explodes and use it as a weapon against the Gorger to defeat it and earn your Legendary RPG.

Which are the Best Items in Fortnite Season 4

A big part of your loadout this season is dictated by the kind of superpowers there are in the game. Boogie Bombs and Bouncers are the two big additions this season, both having great utilities during various situations. Boogie Bombs are pretty much a free kill. No matter what superpower your opponent is equipped with, these will disable them as long as the music lasts.

Bouncers, on the other hand, will be useful in protecting you from fall damage. With superpowers and vehicles demolishing builds like they’re made of paper, Bouncers will be your saviours.

It is a bit hard to recommend other items such as Fishing Rods or Harpoon Guns a slot in your inventory, when you can instead have Grenades, Gas Cans, or Boogie Bombs. The loot pool is finally looking more varied in Season 4, and with heals, weapons, and superpowers already in your inventory, it would be hard to recommend more than one item if at all.

Endnote – Fortnite Season 4 Meta

We’re certainly in for a ride this season with all these new Mythic abilities, locations, and unvaulted items. Make sure you carry healing items as a lot of the new superpowers can be used against you from a distance, without you even being aware that an enemy is nearby. We hope this article helped you understand the Season 4 meta. With the right landing spots and the right loadout, it is easily possible to consistently get high placements, high-kill games, and even victories.

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