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In-game advertising platform Anzu has formed a partnership with Virtuverse to bring non-intrusive ads to the game.

As part of the deal, advertisers can get their ads put directly into the fantasy game in the form of banners and videos without impacting the experience of the player.

Currently, Virtuverse is a free-to-play MMORPG, and with this new partnership with Anzu, the game can remain free through offsetting operational costs.

“Virtuverse seeks to utilise Anzu to drive down costs for its players and offset operational costs with an immersive, in-game advertising system. Anzu’s the right partner for this,” said Virtuverse CEO Fin Yeates.

Creating solutions

“Gamers won’t tolerate disruption anymore so we created a solution that works for them, game developers, and advertisers,” Anzu’s CEO and Co-founder Itamar Benedy said.

“Many people were unsure of how video and banner ads could be harmoniously blended into an animated game, but we are happy to prove them wrong through our partnership with Virtuverse.”

Virtuverse is one of several partners that Anzu has gained. Earlier this month, the in-game ads specialist extended its partnership with Axis Games.

Over the summer, the company teamed up with gaming venue and esports firm Veritas Entertainment and international tech agency League-M.

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