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Rovio has partnered with global sports entertainment company Topgolf to bring the Angry Birds to the driving range.

As detailed in a site update, the new interactive golf experience will be available across all Topgolf venues in the US.

Essentially, the Angry Birds, Red and Bomb will be the player’s golf ball to combine the physical act of striking the ball with the digital destruction offered by the popular mobile franchise.


The golfers will choose a chapter to complete, which will be filled with pigs and objects to destroy, much like the mobile game. Players strike the ball, then watch the accompanying screen as Red or Bomb wreak havoc.

Much like on smartphones, the aim of the game is to crumble the structures while also taking out the pigs to achieve the highest possible score. Players will be awarded stars and points to indicate who the winner is.

Moreover, Topgolf is encouraging everyone to perform “The Angry Birds Dance” after any impressive shot.

At the end of the year, Rovio CEO Kati Levoranta will depart the company.

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