AndaSeat Jungle Pro Gaming Chair Review

It’s more than just a Chair

Anda Seat formed in 2007 which offered seating for football league teams across the world and also for racing cars is now the second biggest supplier in the world when it comes to Esports chair suppliers and after experiencing the AndaSeat Jungle Pro Gaming Chair for myself it is easy to see why.

Setup of the AndaSeat Jungle Pro Gaming Chair is by no means difficult, if you’ve ever set up any form of office chair then you will have no trouble here, it requires a little more effort due to the extra mechanisms requires to assemble. Everything was laid out great in the Installation Guide and within 20 – 30 minutes, I had the chair fully ready to go.

The Quality of the AndaSeat Jungle Pro Gaming Chair is easily the finest I have seen. Even from just assembling it was super steady from the mechanisms and durability of the PVC leather ith absolutely no fumes or smell from its arrival.

The AndaSeat Jungle Pro Gaming Chair adjusts to any and all flooring

As someone who currently has laminated flooring in my room, I have always struggled with wheels that adjust to the floor. I currently use a small mat which I use to prevent the wheels scratching the floor and to prevent the chair rolling backwards, but with the AndaSeat Jungle Pro I have not had any problems with the wheels as they completely adapt to any flooring, I am still able to use the mat which alienates any issues and I have peace of mind knowing the AndaSeat will not roll out of place. I have also had issues with the small mat that I use getting tangled in the wheels of any chair that I have used previously and the AndaSeat just rolls over it without any issues but firmly staying in place when it needs to. The wheels are also super silent thanks to the durable PU rubber eliminating any noise done by movement.

The real amazing thing about the AndaSeat is its ability to be more than just an Office/Gaming chair. Thanks to it’s Ergonomic Backrest, Seat and Arm Adjustment the AndaSeat Jungle Pro can support the forearms to relieve wrist pressure and strain on the muscles. With a removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion that completely support the back and neck which is completely adjustable by easily moving the straps through the narrow gaps, the Reclining Chair also offers a 90 to 160 tilt with an angle lock at 5 different positions so if you are gaming at your PC, want to watch TV or even have a nap nothing is impossible.

The AndaSeat Jungle Pro Gaming Chair itself looks stunning and sleek and is available in 2 colours; Black or Black & Red and the high-quality PVC leather along with its extremely durable Steel Framework ensures that it will always look it’s best.

What else can I say? I have nothing but high praise for the AndaSeat Jungle Pro Gaming Chair. It’s super versatile, steady, comfortable and silent and most importantly affordable.


Model Name Jungle Pistons Class 4 Hydraulic
Color Black; Black&Red Product size (H*W*D) cm 126*51*51
Size M Package size (H*W*D) cm 32*93*68
Loading weight rocking 90kg Gross Weight kg 25.5kg
Loading weight static 140kg Net Weight kg 23kg
Loading Height 180cm Gas lift Specification 100/40
PVC leather Normal Gas lift Class 4
Foam 55kg/m³  Accessory M size neck pillow, M size lumbar pillow
Framework 100% Steel Certification REACH, ANSI/BIFMA, EN12520, EN1335, BS5852, Lead
Framework Tube 2mm(thick)*22mm(diameter) Seat Depth (cm) 51
Base Iron Seat Width(cm) inner 37
Tilt 90°-160° Backrest Height(cm) 82.5
Caster size 2.4” Caster/PU Backrest Shoulder Width(cm) 60
Armrest adjustment 2D Up-down Chair height max(cm) 135
Mechanisz Type Conventional Tilt Chair height min(cm) 129
Max Tilt Angle 160 degree Armrest length(cm) 27
Wheel 60MM PU Covered Armrest height(cm) 27.5-34.5

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