All War Games Event Skins


With every new Apex Legends event comes new skins, and War Games is no different. There aren’t as many as there would be in a Collection Event, but the new additions are still nice to look at. Here they are:

Crypto – Broken Syntax

The first two skins on this list can be obtained by gaining points on the War Games prize tracker. You’ll need to gain 2500 points by playing matches during the War Games to unlock this Rare Crypto skin.

Rampart – Cryokinetic

This Epic Rampart skin can be unlocked by gaining 3500 points during the War Games event. It’ll take a bit more playtime to earn than Crypto’s, but it looks like it’s worth it for you Rampart mains out there.

Gibraltar – Blood and Thunder

From here on out, all skins are Legendary rarity. This means that you’ll need to spend Apex Coins to get them. First up is Gibraltar’s skin. He’s been getting some of the best ones in the game lately, and this one lives up to that expectation.

Lifeline – Ghost Stalker

Lifeline, on the other hand, doesn’t always get the best skins. So it’s a cause for celebration when she gets a skin as unique as this War Games one.

Mirage – Swish-buckler

Mirage is sort of in the same boat since he gets the sillier skins on the roster. This one seems more serious than usual, but his signature pose says otherwise.

Pathfinder – The Burgundy Knight

There are only so many ways that you can make a Pathfinder skin look creative, but this War Games one is full of small patterns and an interesting center design.

Wraith – Queen’s Guard

It feels like Wraith gets a new skin with every new event, even though that isn’t the case. Though, this one is reminiscent of her look from Bloodhound’s Town Takeover event.

Bloodhound – Royal Huntmaster

Bloodhound is another Legend that seems to get a ton of skins, and it’s no surprise that theirs has some sort of hunter motif.

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