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Activision Blizzard experienced an impressive third quarter as it generated $1.95 billion in net revenue.

Furthermore, the company’s net income nearly tripled year-on-year as it brought in $604 million. However, the Activision division proved to be the most lucrative as its net revenue sat at $773 million in Q3 2020, an increase of 270 per cent year-on-year. Activision’s operating income hit $345 million.

Meanwhile, Blizzard’s revenue grew four per cent year-on-year as it hit $411 million, though its operating income was $133 million.

Finally, King, the mobile-centred division, had net revenues of $536 million. Revenue was up seven per cent; this was attributed to in-app purchases and advertising. Meanwhile, its income was $248 million. It is noting, that at 249 million, King boasted the most monthly active uses.

King’s success came from Candy Crush, which has grown year-on-year, as the top-grossing franchise in the US.

On duty

However, the biggest drive in Activision’s growth proved to be the ever-popular Call of Duty franchise.

The mobile version of the shooter has gone from strength to strength since its release. Recently, the game hit 300 million downloads, and currently has 50 million pre-registrations for its Chinese launch.

“Our teams continue to execute our growth plans with excellence during incredibly challenging circumstances,” said Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick.

“We are on a path to deliver sustained long-term growth across our fully-owned franchises. With confidence in our ability to continue to execute, we are raising our outlook for the year and remain enthusiastic for our growth prospects next year.”

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