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Maxon Pugovsky is a mobile games producer at Gameloft, living in Saigon, Vietnam.

In such a world of plenty, many notable releases can slip under the radar, hence this regular list, highlighting the most interesting releases over the past month.

Curated by Maxon Pugovsky, this is an edited version from his newsletter on mobile games.

You can also check out the list for previous months here.




3v3 MOBA with superheroes and supervillains.

Physics based strategy game, where you breed a colony of colorful bacteria-like creatures, who eat rival creatures.

“Real-time sandbox & combat game” – create scifi mechs and aircrafts of any shape from lego-like blocks and mount equipment and guns on them. Test your creations in a battle.

Hero collecting RPG set in post-apocalyptic world wiped out by virus. From the leading Korean publisher behind Summoners War.

Sports management sim.

Turn-based RPG where anime-styled girl characters are loosely based on mythical or historical prototypes: Little Red Riding Hood with machine-gun and so on. From Chinese company behind RPG Langrisser & 4X space strategy Second Galaxy.

Monopoly-styled game with real-world map, where you can buy properties around your location and lease them to tenants. Developed by Australian game and software company known for Pixel Starships, “starship management MMO”.

Hero collecting RPG with anime styled art-direction. From Singaporean studio, which closed their previous mobile title Valiant Force in December 2019 after 3 years of liveops.





Survival looter shooter with weapons customization and items trade between players. The launch is called “open beta-test”. Game is available worldwide except several countries (see on banner above).

4X war strategy, which was available in North America and Europe, is rolled out globally. Crossfire FPS franchise is poplar in Asia and grossed more than $10B in lifetime.

Energy-capped exploration game with farming and dragons merging. From Chinese publisher of top-grossing 4X strategies Guns of Glory and King of Avalon. Game logo is infringing on Homescapes (details: BL #07, Oct 26).

Narrative dating sim for female audience, where you romance with 4 handsome housemates. From Korean publisher behind Summoners War.

The promise of the game is to play Pac-Man on the streets of real-life maps, like on Google Maps for April Fool’s day in 2017. But released version is very unstable technically and not playable for the most users.




Match-3 with Funko Pop! characters from many franchise like Back to the Future or Jurassic Park.

FGTeeV is a gaming YoutTube channel with 17.1M subs run by a family of parents and 4 kids. And now they released an escape-house game with a first-person camera, where you use multitool gun for solving puzzles.

Reality show simulator with Sims-like gameplay. For free you can be only a spectator, and to enter as contestant you pay $4.99. Contestants can win a real cash prize.

A real-world game like Pokemon Go, where you gather a team of football players from Captain Tsubasa manga series and engage in matches at stadiums on the map around your location. Game also features licensed players from FIFPro. The title was available in 7 EU countries since the end of September and now rolled out to major international territories.

Farm simulation game with cute characters, who love to be in the corner, created by Japanese producer of stationery items San-X.




The next installment in the series of party games started in 2014. Simultaneous release on PC and consoles.

Next installment in the popular horror game series. The game was first released as VR title in May 2019, but ported to non-VR platforms afterwards. FNAF HW is on the 2nd position among top paid games in US, tailing the mighty Minecraft.

Mixed-reality puzzle adventure inside a bizarre mansion. As an architect explore the mansion with your phone and post photos on in-game social media.

2D open world RPG in retro-style. Also released simultaneously on PC and consoles.

Drive and manage a bizarre vessel riding over the dried-out seabed in post-apocalyptic world. Developed by Swiss indie team. Released on Steam in May 2018 with Very Positive rating (6.5K reviews).

Detective adventure in cyberpunk world with pixel graphics. Available on Steam since April 2019, Very Positive (900 reviews).





Energy-capped exploration with a narrative story and farming elements. Action takes place on a tropical island with traces of Atlantis civilization. Developed by Belarussian studio founded 13 years ago, which also received investment from Playrix in September 2019.

Idle RPG with masked characters and original art style.

Hybridcasual game, where simple .io like combat combines with extensive meta of troop upgrades. But like in any hypercasual game multiplayer is fake and interstitial ads are plentiful.

Idle RPG with cartoony art-direction from Korean publisher.

Vertical shoot ’em up with extensive meta game from Korean publisher.

Multiplayer card game from major Indian studio. Their Ludo Club has more than 50M downloads.

4X strategy, where you summon Godzilla-like beasts to assist armies, from Chinese publisher.

Hero-collecting RPG with anime styled girl characters from Korean developer.

Hero collecting RPG with anime art direction from Korean publisher.

Autochess battler in portrait orientation. Released simultaneously on Steam.

Sword-swinging fighting from Polish studio. For Honor on mobile.

Detailed simulator of house renovations with first-person camera. From Polish publisher specialized on simulators. Released on Steam in May 2018 (Very Positive, 28K reviews).

Idle RPG with endless upgrades of weapons.




  • Plants vs. Zombies 3 (PopCap Games/EA)

Tower defense in a famous franchise is retracted from soft launch and will be removed from stores on November 18. Company will continue development of the game.

  • Gears Pop! (Mediatonic/Microsoft)

RTS in Clash Royale style with Gears and Funko POP licenses is closing in April 2021. It was lunched in August 2019.

  • Angry Birds Tennis (Rovio)

Casual tennis sim is killed during soft launch.

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